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Site 12. STATE and LIBERTY

   The interests of town and gown have always been uniquely joined in Ann Arbor through their shared involvement in entertainment and cultural activities.

WALL DISPLAY 1: The James Foster House of Art
WALL DISPLAY 2: From Liveries to Taxis
WALL DISPLAY 3: Uptown Theaters
WALL DISPLAY 4: A Book Lover’s Town
WALL DISPLAY 5: Remembering Drake’s
WALL DISPLAY 6: Music! Music! Music!
WALL DISPLAY 7: The University Musical Society and the May Festival

Photos Courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library

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Michigenda PosterRitz Dine and DancePortrait of Les Sans Souci, 1859Panel InformationUshers at the Michigan TheaterHandbill for performance of EstherMichigras Parade, 1954