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This exhibit shows the German influence on the city's growth and identity, an influence second only to that of the University in the last half of the nineteenth century. From this vantage point there are still signs of the German presence, like Schwaben Hall and the Old West Side.

Photos Courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library

WALL DISPLAY 1: The Staeblers and the Germania/American
WALL DISPLAY 2: Germans on Ashley Street
WALL DISPLAY 3: From Horses to Cars: Early Autos, Service, and Parts
WALL DISPLAY 4: Three Generations of Metzgers on Washington Street

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Advertisement for the Germania HotelMichael Staebler's Coal Office and Bicycle ShopAdvertisement for the American HotelPanel InformationGerman churchAllmendinger Organ CoAnn Arbor Organ Works 1888Ann Arbor Organ Works 1870s