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Hash Bash, April 1, 1974

Hash Bash, April 1, 1974 image

The first Hash Bash brought thousands of young people to Diag on April Fool's Day 1971 to celebrate Ann Arbor's lenient penalties for smoking marijuana. Frame location: North side of South University in plaza southeast of West Hall (Engineering Arch), facing southeast


I am pictured in the photo of the Hash Bash 1971 (incorrect date). I am in the center wearing a suede baseball jacket, wire-rimmed glasses and putting a cigarette (not a joint) in my mouth. Your material is not accurate. This photo is from the 1974 Hash Bash. April 1, 1974. Hash Bash - yes. The first one in 1971 - no. (submitted, 10/10/06)

A voice from out there! How exciting! Thank you for your information. The photograph we used, with special permission, came from the John and Leni Sinclair collection at the Bentley Historical Library. We felt the image was a wonderful evocation of the time and the theme of student unrest.

I suppose technically we are not inaccurate as we don't say this is a picture of the hash bash in 1971, simply that that was the first one, but you are quite right that it is misleading. We can put a correction on the website if you would like. We could even add your name and that you are smoking a LEGAL substance too! Though that does rather defeat the point.... (NOTE: Date on website has been corrected as of 4/15/2019)

I'm sure you understand it is impossible at this point to change what is on the actual panel since they are glass, cost $15,000 each, and are meant to last for a very long time.

Thanks again and we hope you enjoyed the exhibits. If you are still in or near ann Arbor, be sure to visit them all!
(per Louisa Pieper, Program Coordinator 10/12/06) ]


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