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Early Ann Arbor Streetcar

Early Ann Arbor Streetcar image

By 1890, Ann Arbor Street Railway cars traveled regularly up and down Main Street, turning east at William to head toward the University. An earlier plan to use horse-drawn cars was scrapped when new technology allowed Ann Arbor to be the first town in Michigan with an electric streetcar line. A year later, the first interurban railway line in Michigan was established between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti providing easier access for the men of U-M to the future women teachers at the Michigan Normal School (now EMU). Early interurban cars were drawn by a steam dummy, a small steam engine clad in a streetcar body. They entered town along Packard connecting with the streetcar tracks on Main Street at this corner. The interurban railway line was electrified in 1896 and expanded in 1902 to connect with other lines in Detroit and Jackson.

Frame location: West side of Main, on northwest corner of William, just south of planter, near curb

Collection Info: Sturgis Collection

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