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Project Volunteers and Supporters

The Historic Street Exhibits project has become a success only because of the thousands of hours put in by many volunteers. Each person has played an important role.

Below are listed the names of the project's volunteers. These individuals come from many segments of Ann Arbor's population, and the success of the project is largely due to the positive support received from the many who have contributed in a variety of ways.


Ray Detter


Carl Luckenbach, Project Architect Don Hammond, Graphics Designer Norman Tyler, Chair of Design Charrette


Rosemarion Blake | Francis Blouin | Letitia Byrd | Marsha Chamberlin | Nancy Clay | Ron Dankert | Peter DeLoof | Sally Stegeman DiCarlo | Sidney Fine | Peter Heydon | Kerry McNulty Hoffmann | Woody Holman | Maggie Ladd | Bill Martin | Fred Mayer | Jan Onder | Joe O'Neal | Josie Parker | Louisa Pieper | Susan Pollay | Linda Prieskorn | Maya Savarino | Ann Schriber | Ellie Serras | Richard Shackson | Edward Shaffran | Ingrid Sheldon | Cynthia Shevel | Margaret Steneck | Edward Surovell | Norman Tyler | Charlotte Van Curler


Ralph Beebe | Mary Culver | Mark Hildebrandt | Mary Hunt | Jonathan Marwil | Louisa Pieper | Grace Shackman | Susan Stearns | Wystan Stevens | Julie Truettner | Linda Walker | Susan Wineberg | Frances Wright


Joan Blos | John Hilton | Karen O'Neal | Penny Schreiber | Paul Schwankl | Edward Surovell