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Building the Ann Arbor News Building

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2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the former Ann Arbor News Building at 340 E. Huron St. - the only commercial building in Ann Arbor designed by renowned architect [|Albert Kahn]. Watch the above slideshow to see the construction of this iconic art deco-style building, week by week, from [|the first shovelful on August 28, 1935] through [|its completion at the end of January, 1936].

Between January and April 1936, the News building was outfitted with [|furnishings], [|equipment] and a [|new printing press]. On May 21, 1936, [|an open house was held for the public]. Longtime News photographer [|Eck Stanger] took dozens of photos of interior spaces and staff after construction was completed, including [|the News room] and [|equipment operators], and he continued to shoot photos of staff at work [|writing], [|composing], [|printing], and [|delivering the News] through 1937.

The Ann Arbor News occupied the building until the paper's first print-run closure in 2009. It is now owned by the University of Michigan Credit Union.

[|View all photos of the new Ann Arbor News building].

You can also catch a related exhibition, [|"Albert Kahn: Under Construction"], at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA), now through July 3, 2016.