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AADL Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual report image with title

Ann Arbor District Library Annual Report. July 2014 through June 2015.

The Ann Arbor District Library Board of Trustees 2015-2016


Board of Trustees portrait

Back Row (l-r): Nancy Kaplan, Secretary; Jim Leija, Trustee; Jamie Vander Broek, Trustee

Front Row (l-r): Margaret Leary, Trustee; Prue Rosenthal, Treasurer; Edward Surovell, Vice President; Jan Barney Newman, President


Director's Note

Picture of Josie Parker, Library Director

Where are you when you use the public library? There was a time when that question would not have made sense. The only place to use the library was, well, at the library.

Our ability now to use our libraries from anywhere in the world is a remarkable and profound shift in how libraries serve their communities, but the essential work of the library is unchanged. We don’t have to leave home to use the library, but we still do. We don’t have to check out a physical book from the library, but we still do. We don’t have to show up in-person for a talk, but we still do.

How we use our libraries has changed, and who uses them has changed, but why people use the library is timeless. We need to learn, to try new things, and to experiment. We need to ask why, to test ourselves, and to stay in touch with others in the place we choose to live. That's why we use our library whenever, however, and from wherever. –Josie



Did you know?

Three out of four local households use the Ann Arbor District Library at least a few times a month.

This year, AADL responded to community needs and interests by developing a new strategic plan. To begin the planning process, the Library commissioned a community survey on Library awareness, use, and satisfaction.

In our 2016 community survey we learned that 84% of households visited an AADL building in the past year and 73% of those surveyed were frequent AADL visitors. One third came to the Library a few days a week or even every day.

Here are many ways that people visit and interact with AADL.

Graphic stating 84% of survey respondents visited in the last year and 73% reported they are frequent visitors


Visting the Downtown Library And Branches

Image of icon that signifies a highlighted location on a map

Even with one branch closed for renovation much of the year, AADL had 1.6 million visits to its buildings.

Over half a million of these visits were to the Downtown Library alone — an increase of 6% over the previous year.

Building Use

There are many reasons that people come to the library.

Visits to rent a meeting room for a community gathering
Visits for research in local history, genealogy, or other topics Visits to use our collection, including our growing music, science, and art tools collection
Visits to have a place to study Visits to use our computers and wireless capabilities
Visits for ESL and GED classes Visits to view exhibits from artists and organizations

Building Improvements

We started the year by completing the renovation to the front of the Downtown Library and finished the year by preparing for the opening of our newly renovated Westgate Branch.



Experiencing AADL Events

Total program attendance at AADL events surpassed 100,000 for the first time in the Library’s history!

Icon of a plus sign

AADL held 1,650 events with total program attendance of 114,544 — a 34% increase from the previous year. Here are some of the highlights!

I Wan Jan Taiwanese Puppet Theater

Journalist Leslie Stahl

Nerd Nite Monthly Series @ LIVE

Actress Cindy Williams

Night of Notable Authors

Here are some of our biggest events over the past year.

Graphic showing some of the library's most attended events


Visiting AADL Online

There were 80 million visits to last year – an increase of 51% from the previous year.

In addition to the established services on, we’re excited to connect with the community in these new and exciting ways.

Logo for Pulp website

AADL's local arts & entertainment blog.

Logo for Fifth Avenue Press

Fifth Avenue Press
AADL’s publishing imprint for local writers.

Image of of the sign that says 'Public Library' at the Downtown Library

Updates about Library news and happenings via email. Sign up here.

People are engaging with the library on social media. Here are some of the things we've heard on Twitter!

We were even featured on Michigan Radio!

Picture of a kid holding a guitar from AADL's collection

Connect with AADL here:



Ann Arbor District Library is open to the public
357 days per year

141,298  Cardholders
8,537  New library cards
 issued this year


Event Attendance

Chart showing 114,544 attendees at events, with 45% being youth and teen and 55% being adult


Event attendance set an all-time record in June 2016 with 25,992 attendees!

In June 2016, AADL held 162 events across all locations, including the Summer Game kickoff and Summerfest events.


Door count summary

Chart showing 1,564,780 people coming through the library's doors, with 34% downtown and 66% and the branches

Even with Westgate Branch closed for renovation for most of the fiscal year, over 4,300 people came through our doors every day. The Downtown Library experienced an increase of approximately 6% over the previous fiscal year.




system-wide circulation transactions

Chart showing distribution of item circulation at all locations. Downtown: 33%; Malletts Creek: 23%; Westgate: 6% (closed for renovations at the time); Traverwood: 19%; Pittsfield: 19%.


Material System-wide

Chart showing number of materials for adults

Books 210,957
Compact Discs 52,683
DVDS 52,400
Magazines 22,357
Audiobooks 15,291
Blu-ray 14,189
Language Materials 2,488
Up for Grabs 2,049
Tools & Other 1,823

Material System-wide

Chart showing number of materials for youth and teen

Books 171,914
DVDS 22,958
Audiobooks 5,630
Compact Discs 3,493
Magazines 3,397
Blu-ray 1,738
Tools & Other 1,579



Chart showing sources of revenue

Property Taxes $12,752,891
Library Fines & Fees $318,810
State Penal Fines $277,769
Grants & Memorials $167,789
Interest Income $153,739
State Aid $94,560
Other $44,487


Chart showing sources of revenue

Employment Costs $7,619,185
Capital Outlay $3,908,252
Materials $1,839,754
Purchased Services $1,135,662
Operating Supplies $570,071
Programming $371,201
Repairs & Maintenance $359,348
Other $173,696
Rent $163,105


Gifts & Memorials
July 1, 2015 Through June 30, 2016

General Gift Fund

  • Suzanne Admiraal & Patrick O’Brien
  • Barbara Costello
    In Honor of Owen T. Bourke
  • Robert J. Donnellan
  • Gordon Ebbitt
  • Thomas Finholt & Stephanie Teasley
  • Elizabeth Fox
    In Honor of Dave and Amy McNulty and Family
  • Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library
    In Memory of Gene Wilson
  • Jim and Bonnie Reece
  • UM FWC Paint Group
    In Memory of Eathel Mendenhall
  • Brian Weatherson

Adult, Digital & Special Collections

  • John Awood
    In Memory of Sandra Alt Awood
  • Doug Cox
  • Sophie Mordis

Fine Arts Collection

  • Jerome and Geraldine Koupal
  • Carl and Joan Schneider
  • International Genealogical Search, Inc.

Ladies Library Association

  • Ladies Library Association

Marcy Westerman Fund

  • Kathryn L. Detrisac
  • Gerald W. Kohn
  • Julie Tamarkin
    In Honor of Irene Dernberger
  • William and Lora Treadwell


  • Roger Espinosa
  • Bethany Selleck
    In Memory of Patricia Pigg

Ben Price Memorial Fund

  • Josie B. Parker
    In Memory of Rebecca Head


  • City of Ann Arbor Administrators Office
    In Honor of Steve Powers
  • Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library

Youth & Teen Programs & Collections

  • EMU University Health Services Staff
    In Memory of Mary Elin Roberts Arnsdorf
  • Dan and Jan Longone
  • Margaret and John Randolph
    In Memory of Adele Samuels
  • Jean Steppe
  • Yuanyuan Xiao

For more information about making a gift to the Ann Arbor District Library,
please visit