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Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report FY2017

the Ann arbor district library board of trustees

  • Jan Barney Newman
  • Victoria Green
  • Nancy Kaplan
  • Margaret Leary
  • Jim Leija
  • Prue Rosenthal
  • Linh Song
  • Colleen Sherman
  • Ed Surovell
  • Jamie Vander Broek

Director's Note

Picture of Library Director, Josie Parker

It's my hope that when you read through our annual report you'll find yourself, family members, and neighbors in all these numbers—from our door counts, events, partnerships, meeting spaces, collection usage, and Westgate's expansion. This annual report is a great story of a year in the life of the AADL, and the community provides the narrative. Very little of our funding comes from sources other than local property tax and all of these funds are dedicated to providing public library service. Please look closely at this report and allow yourself the possibility of being surprised by what's being made available at the public library.

- Josie



ann arbor district library was open to the public

356 days in the 2017 fiscal year

Picture of a library card

151,156 Registered Cardholders

9,398 New cards issued this year


Program Attendance

Graph showing 126,406 total attendance count for library programs

Door Count

Graph showing 1,835,770 total door count for the library system


Visits to

Graphic of a computer screen

76,590,124 PAGE VIEWS

209,876 average page views per day



Graph showing distribution of item circulation by location

6,501,554 System-Wide Circulation Transactions


Adult & Teen Collections

Adult Material System-wide

  • Books206,338
  • Compact Discs53,074
  • DVD50,692
  • Magazines25,492
  • Audiobooks15,291
  • Blu-ray13,097
  • Express Shelf2,544
  • Language Materials2,358
  • Tools & Other2,217

Youth & Teen Material System-wide

  • Books167,512
  • DVD14,287
  • Audiobooks5,324
  • Magazines4,009
  • Compact Discs3,500
  • Tools & Other903



  • Property Taxes$15,133,669
  • Library Fees$281,019
  • Grants & Memorials$259,972
  • State Penal Fines$244,879
  • State Aid$96,228
  • Other$81,618
  • Interest Income$799
  • TOTAL$16,098,184


  • Employment Costs$8,322,817
  • Capital Outlay$1,974,201
  • Materials$1,903,491
  • Purchased Services$1,257,787
  • Rent$554,556
  • Operating Supplies$494,121
  • Programming$409,041
  • Repairs & Maintenance$327,305
  • Miscellaneous$283,278
  • TOTAL$15,526,597

Gifts & Memorials

JULY 1, 2016 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2017


  • Suzanne Admiraal
  • Anant Agrawal, in Honor of Anupama Agrawal Huntley
  • Marci B. Ammerman, in Memory of Rosemary Darian
  • Anonymous
  • M. Martine Blogin, in Memory of Rosemary Darian
  • Clinical Pathology Associates, in Memory of Corinne Annette Lincoln
  • Debby Cocoros, in Memory of Rosemary Darian
  • Robert and Barb Debrodt, in Memory of Carrol Robertson
  • Elisabeth Eaton, in Memory of Carrol Robertson
  • Judith Elkin, in Memory of Carrol Robertson
  • Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library, in Memory of Gene Wilson
  • Renate S. Gerulaitis, in Memory of Carrol Robertson
  • Margaret A. Goodrich, in Memory of Eve Schlecte Kitzmiller
  • Staff of Vic Gutman, in Memory of Sue Ann Cairns
  • Joyce Hanak, in Memory of David E. Tabler
  • Catherine Kim, in Memory of Rosemary Darian
  • Lucy Nelson Langa, in Memory of Rosemary Darian
  • Deborah A. Levine, in Memory of Rosemary Darian
  • Nora Maloy, in Memory of Carol Gaulrapp
  • Nora Maloy, in Memory of Elizabeth “Betsy” Teeter
  • Lisa L. Mann, in Memory of Rosemary Darian
  • Michael McCloy, in Honor of Darla Welshons
  • Sarah Rampton, in Memory of Rosemary Darian
  • Julie Ann Rivard, in Memory of Rosemary Darian
  • Elizabeth L. Rother, in Memory of Rosemary Darian
  • Ed Schrieber
  • A. Smith, in Honor of Jackie Sasaki
  • Michael and Elizabeth Spitz, in Memory of Corinne Annette Lincoln
  • Dietmar Wagner
  • Elizabeth Chappuis Wilson, in Memory of Rosemary Darian

Adult, Digital, and Special Collections

  • Doug Cox
  • Gordon Ebbitt
  • Roger Espinosa
  • Dan and Jan Longone
  • Sophie Mordis
  • Dietmar Wagner

Fine arts collection

  • Helen and John Salan
  • Gail Sugar, in Honor of Prue Rosenthal
  • Helen Whitehouse

Roberta Keniston Memorial Fund

  • Dietmar Wagner

Ladies Library Association Fund

  • Ladies Library Association

Outreach & Neighborhood Services

  • Shoshana Hurand

Ben Price Memorial Fund

  • Susan C. Humphrey, in Memory of Ben Price


  • Elyse Aurbach
  • Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library
  • Kathryn Goodson
  • Kevin Smokler and Cariwyl Hebert
  • Gloria Taylor

Secret Lab

  • Tom Finholt and Stephanie Teasley

Washtenaw Library for Blind and Physically Disabled

  • Concordia University, in Honor of Terry Soave
  • C. Mark Gilson
  • Jacqueline Stearns and John Henkel, in Memory of Ethel Armiger

Marcy Westerman Fund

  • Aviva Alpert, In Honor of Rachel Burrows
  • John and Heidi Bratton
  • Angela Del Vecchio
  • Kathryn Detrisac
  • Laura Howe and Family, in Honor of Doughty Montessori School
  • Robert and Josie Parker, in Honor of AADL Staff
  • Jim and Bonnie Reece
  • Kurt Sonen
  • Jean Steppe

Youth & Teen Programs & Collections

  • Julie Rick, in Honor of Nate and Willa Anderson (1st Birthday)
  • Karen Seghers

For more information about making a gift to the Ann Arbor District Library, please visit



Westgate Branch Opening

Ribbon cutting for opening the Westgate BranchPromotional brochure for the opening of the Westgate Branch

On Tuesday, September 6, 2016, the all-new Westgate Branch Library opened to the public. Expanding from a 5,500sf to a 21,000sf facility, the new Westgate branch offers more shelves, more items, more seating, more resources, more amenities, and even more open hours to library visitors. Complete with a large kids area, bookable meeting rooms, a program room that can seat 80, and a quiet reading room with fireplace, the Westgate Branch also includes a first for AADL: a partnership with Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea, who operate a café in part of what had been the original branch.

The new branch routinely serves twice as many visitors each month than before the expansion, and it has become a sought-after location for library events, meetings, storytimes, get-togethers, and more. If you haven't already, come visit the Westgate Branch at Westgate Shopping Center and enjoy this popular new public space.

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