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Banner image for the Ann Arbor District Library's 2019 Fiscal Year Annual Report

Annual Report FY2019

the Ann arbor district library board of trustees

  • Dharma Akmon
  • Victoria Green
  • Jim Leija
  • S. Kerene Moore
  • Jan Barney Newman
  • Colleen Sherman
  • Linh Song
  • Ed Surovell
  • Jamie Vander Broek

Director's Note

Picture of Library Director, Josie Parker

We’re hearing it again on social media and in the press. The scoffing doubt—barely veiled in the negative judgment buried in the question. Will libraries exist into the next decade or half-century? Who uses libraries? Well, apparently you do! I hope when you read this report you can see yourself in these amazing numbers, but more importantly, I hope you can see others.

We come to the library at different points in our lives with different hopes, dreams, and needs. Our use changes, waxes and wanes with the complexity of everyday life. Still, we come. This library is here, and it is here to stay because of you.

The AADL is yours to explore. We don’t need to know how you do that, but our numbers show that you do. We couldn’t be more pleased.

– Josie



ann arbor district library was open to the public

356 days in the 2019 fiscal year

Picture of a library card

167,742 Registered

9,204 New cards issued
this year


Program Attendance

Graph showing 168,998 total attendance count for library programs over 2,549 programs

Door Count

Graph showing 1,767,965 total door count for the library system. Downtown Library: 607,281; Westgate Branch: 567,440; Traverwood Branch: 220,582; Malletts Creek Branch: 201,757; Pittfield Branch: 170,905

Visits to

Graphic of a computer screen


average page views per day



Graph showing distribution of item circulation by between adult and youth/teen collections. Adult collections circulated 4,227,997 items; Youth and teen collections circulated 2,131,118 items. Total circulation was 6,359,115 items.

System-Wide Circulation Transactions


Adult & Teen Collections

Adult Material System-wide

  • Books202,262
  • Compact Discs47,380
  • DVD46,726
  • Magazines18,592
  • Audiobooks14,905
  • Blu-ray12,739
  • Express Shelf3,535
  • Language Materials2,136
  • Tools & Other2,020

Youth & Teen Material System-wide

  • Books152,850
  • DVD14,315
  • Audiobooks5,025
  • Compact Discs3,250
  • Magazines1,767
  • Language Materials500



Room reservations are event rentals of AADL programming spaces like the Multi-Purpose Room Downtown or programming rooms at branches.

*does not include same-day sign-ups

Bookable meeting rooms in FY2019 included three spaces Downtown and two meeting rooms at Westgate.




  • Property Taxes$16,140,545
  • State Aid$255,001
  • Interest Income$240,228
  • State Penal Fines$219,624
  • Library Fines & Fees$151,085
  • Grants & Memorials$136,476
  • Other$105,532
  • TOTAL$17,248,491


  • Employment Costs$9,422,776
  • Materials$1,759,051
  • Purchased Services$1,264,295
  • Operating Supplies$829,207
  • Rent$697,391
  • Capital Outlay$681,142
  • Repairs & Maintenance$568,937
  • Programming$442,387
  • Other$69,339
  • TOTAL$15,734,525

Gifts & Memorials

JULY 1, 2018 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2019


  • Janet Ammerman
  • Ann Arbor alumnae chapter of Delta Gamma
  • Don Biedermann, in Appreciation of Darla Welshons
  • Chat and Chew Club
  • Margaret A. Crouch
  • Ed Dawson
  • Tim DuFresne
  • Tom Finholt and Stephanie Teasley
  • Andrea Gregorka
  • Jonathan Guss
  • Alice-Penny Huesmann
  • Shoshana Hurand
  • Ellen M. Jahn, in Appreciation of Darla Welshons
  • Elvera Joseph, in Memory of Rae Mike
  • Melissa Kenny
  • Dan Magrisso
  • Robert and Josie Parker, in Honor of Ann Arbor District Library Staff
  • Robert J. Pattison
  • Daniel B. Schwalm, in Appreciation of Darla Welshons
  • Jean Steppe
  • Kelly Taylor
  • Richard Topping
  • UM Faculty Women’s Club Painting Group, in Memory of Enid Gosling
  • UM Faculty Women’s Club Painting Group, in Memory of Judith Macomber
  • UM Faculty Women’s Club Painting Group, in Memory of Libby Uher
  • Julie M. Walker

Adult, Digital, and Special Collections

  • Suzanne Admiraal
  • John Awood, in Memory of Sandra Alt Awood
  • Michael Boehnke
  • Doug and Beth Cox
  • Kathryn Detrisac
  • Dan and Jan Longone
  • Michael W. McCloy, in Appreciation of Darla Welshons
  • Al Murphy

Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library Fund

  • Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library

Gifts of Art

  • Aditi Kayal Kandiah

Ladies Library Association Fund

  • Ladies Library Association


  • Tim McKay

Roberta Keniston Fund

  • Sophia Guevara
  • Dietmar Wagner

Washtenaw Library for Blind and Physically Disabled

  • Sue and Larry Adler, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • Charles and Rita Gelman, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • Bonnie and Masoud Hemmati, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • Robert Hollenshead, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • Karen and Mel Holmes, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • Ellen R. Katz, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • Nancy and Phil Margolis, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • Debbie Miller, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • Mel and Joan Muskovitz, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • David Newman, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • Sharon and Chuck Newman, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis
  • Susan Rizman, in Memory of Sophie Katz Mordis

Youth & Teen Programs & Collections

  • Randi and Paul Levine, in Honor of Dacia Klein

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