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Postcard of the Street Art Fair, 1970s

Postcard of the Street Art Fair, 1970s image

Dick Brunvand remembers:
"One thing we always wanted was a good overhead shot of the fair and we thought the Ann Arbor News and others would use it.

We had a very good working relationship with the city and I ask a crew to bring over a cherry picker truck at about 1 pm when the sun was right and there were good crowds. I got our photographer, sent him up in the truck and he took many photos. They were very good. We had the exclusive photo that was used for years as the promotional photo that really showed off the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair."

"...the Michigan Free Press use it - they printed the first art fair guide... In later years they (The Ann Arbor News) did use the photo as did may other publications across the state.

The next year the news did print a guide and so did the Huron Valley Advisor. And they still print the guides to this day.

This photo was made into post cards and used in our media kits for years. We also had large prints made up and framed and Paul Schlander, Schlanders Jewelry on South U has a couple on display in his store." June 13, 2005.

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