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Amendment Xxvi : : Lowering the Voting age

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Foreword -- Amendment text and explanation -- Introduction -- Chronology -- 1: Historical Background On The Twenty-Sixth Amendment -- Lowering the voting age was not a new idea / Thomas H Neale -- Young people are mobilizing to demand to vote / Susan H Carter -- Teen voting would accelerate undesirable changes in the democratic process / William G Carleton -- Time has come to let young people vote / Edward M Kennedy -- Constitutional amendment may not be needed to lower the voting age / Fred P Graham -- Changing the voting age will require a constitutional amendment / Richard Nixon -- 2: Constitutional Implications Of The New Law -- Voting rights act passed by congress is valid only for National elections / Hugo Black -- Congress can set a minimum voting age under the Equal protection clause / William O Douglas -- Congress is not authorized to set a minimum voting age / John Marshall Harlan -- No legitimate reason exists for states not to allow voting at age eighteen / William J Brennan -- Only a constitutional amendment can override the State's right to set their voting ages / Potter Stewart -- 3: Amendment XXVI And Its Consequences -- Teens have mixed feelings about gaining the vote / Mary Lou Loper -- States are being extorted into ratifying the twenty-sixth amendment / James J Kilpatrick -- Majority of Americans favor the twenty-sixth amendment / George Gallup -- Effect of young voters on politics is unpredictable / David S Broder -- When the youth vote was young: student voters had more important impact on local elections than on the National elections / Clyde Brown and Gayle K Pluta Brown -- 4: Youth Vote In Contemporary America -- Many state laws make it difficult for college student to vote / Adam Doster -- Students can vote in their college towns if they meet residency requirements / Greg Abbott -- Right of students to vote in their college towns is often misinterpreted / Michael I Krauss -- Students are sometimes given inaccurate information about voter registration / Elizabeth Redden -- Twenty-sixth amendment should be repealed / Timothy Furnish -- Voting age should be lowered to sixteen / National youth rights association -- Sixteen-year-olds should become politically active to gain the vote / Ralph Nader -- Appendices -- A: Amendments to the US Constitution -- Court cases relevant to the twenty-sixth amendment -- For further research -- Index.
From the Publisher's Website: A well-rounded social studies education is grounded in an understanding of how the Constitution-the blueprint for a democratic society-works. Each volume begins with the amendment text (accompanied by a student-friendly translation). Chapters put the amendment in historical context, examine how it has been tested in the courts and presents current controversies and debates. Reflecting provisions in both the national and state curriculum standards, these volumes provide primary and secondary sources that examine the roots of constitutional democracy as well as how the interpretation of the Constitution has evolved throughout American history. The series also explores the meaning of citizenship as well as its rights and responsibilities.


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Constitutional amendments

Detroit : Greenhaven Press, 2010.
Year Published: 2010
Description: 223 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Language: English
Format: Book


Engdahl, Sylvia.

United States.
Voting age -- History -- 20th century.