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Volca Keys.

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Multi-touch Keyboard

Analog synthesis 3 voices 3VCO, 1VCF, 1VCA, 1LFO, 1EG Octave, Ring Modulation, Detune, Portamento, EG Intensity Sawtooth, Square Cutoff, Peak, EG Intensity Low Pass Filter, 12 dB/oct Rate, Pitch Int, Cutoff Int, Wave (Sawtooth, Triangle, Square) Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain Delay Time, Feedback, Temp Sync

1 16 8

Headphones (1/8in stereo mini jack)

(1/8in monaural mini jack, Maximum input level: 20V) (1/8in monaural mini jack, Maximum Output level: 5V) In 6 AA alkaline or AA nickel-metal hydride batteries or KA-350 AC adapter (optional) Approximately 10 hours (using alkaline batteries) 93 × 115 ×46 mm / 7.61 x 4.54 x 1.81 inches 377 g / 0.83 lbs (Excluding batteries)


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interesting, compact, a bit confusing submitted by bfields on November 7, 2014, 9:15am The membrane keyboard is limiting: for example, I don't think I could reliably play without looking at it. But the keyboard feels better than I expected.

It sounds great. I like that you could probably fit it in a (large) pocket.

There are a lot of options. Buttons and keys often have multiple uses, and I don't find the interface terribly intuitive, so you'll probably want to read the manual carefully if you want to learn all of its features.

Great little step sequenced synth submitted by Murtasma on September 25, 2017, 7:34am Works as great as I thought it would with my volca sample. Lot's of fun to play. I connected my midi keyboard to the unit since I found the membrane difficult to actually play anything remotely complex on because it's very easy to press keys you didn't mean to.You can get some really great sounds out of this unit and for the price it's hard to beat.

Volca Keys. submitted by Varshini on July 2, 2019, 11:41pm Volca Keys.

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