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  • 1 OP-1
  • 1 USB to USB Mini cable
  • 1 USB power adapter


Sound Engine Type(s) => 8 x Digital, 2 x Sampling
Number of Keys => 24
Type of Keys => Non-velocity-sensitive buttons
Other Controllers => Variable + 3 Axis Motion sensor (G-Force)
Polyphony => 24
Wave Memory => 512MB (expandible)
Number of Effects => 5+
Effects Types => Classic delay, hacked phone, punch, grid based echo, spring reverb, and the ability to add future effects with software upgrades
Audio Playback => Internal 4-track
MIDI Sequencer => Yes (pattern (grid) sequencer, endless sequencer, and Tombola random sequence generator)
USB => Yes (controller and file exchange)
Audio Inputs => 1 x 1/8" stereo
Audio Outputs => 1 x 1/8" stereo
MIDI I/O => USB only
Dimensions => .53" X 11.1" X 4.02"
Power Supply => 16-hour battery




Amazingly powerful little synthesizer! submitted by doctorfang on July 1, 2014, 4:24pm This thing is amazing! I had a blast with this little synthesizer for a week, and was sad to return it. I'm sure that I only scratched the surface of its capabilities during my week with it.

A PDF of the user manual is available online -- check out the OP-1 website for some tips on the many ways to play and create with this tool.

Fun, portable, does everything! submitted by bfields on October 11, 2014, 9:58pm Wow!

It's a small but comfortable size and runs on battery (charged over USB). Battery life seems great.

The interface obviously got a lot of thought (and some humor). You get used to it pretty quickly and it's a lot of fun. They make great use of the built-in screen.

Definitely take a look at the manual, but it's also fun to just experiment with.

A week was enough to do some interesting things but definitely not to try everything.

Not a Toy, but can play with it forever submitted by sdierks on June 20, 2015, 3:38pm I have tried many of the instruments at the Library. I was amazed when the first set of instruments were made available, but then everything changed when this baby came "on-line". I take it out regularly, or as much as I can and I still haven't applied every tool and sound this thing can generate. It does it all and has made me feel, more than anything else, anyone can make music if they just put in a little time.

My only complaint about the AADL making this available is: there just aren't enough of them to go around!

Thank you AADL, it has been so much fun to use this thing!

Limited sound diversity, otherwise amazing submitted by duedatebeater on September 30, 2015, 10:45am As much as love this synth, I can't help but be a bit annoyed by the synthesizer interface. Instead of displaying actual values, most of the synth engines just display admittedly interesting animations that correspond to the engine's state, making it hard to recreate sounds you've made before.
The audio output also has low impedance an important consideration if you're working without a mixer, and the audio input distorts signals a good deal.

Otherwise, it's great, especially for it's intention of a portable music production device.

If you're looking to get more specific sounds out of this, check out chapter 17.1 in the manual, it lists parameters the encoders change for each engine.

Amazing studio in a small box. Really Inspiring submitted by xinniw on August 1, 2018, 7:56pm You can make full tracks with this machine. Its incredibly powerful. It has a bit of a learning curve but I found that learning to record on its build in 4 track digital "tape" machine improved my compositional skill and made me more aware of the development and arrangement of my tracks. Uses parts of your brain that a software DAW doesn't.

Best piece of equipment in the library.

The onboard sampling and mixing sounds fine if your careful to reduce input levels and make sure that none of the internal tracks are peaking. All your settings are re-callable and you can save them to you computer for later if you need too. This is also true for the on-board tape and recordings. You can compose on the device and then finish your track later in a DAW.

Oh and it also works as a midi controller and can be controlled via midi from your computer.

Amazing. Thank you AADL.

Cover image for OP-1.

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