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Electric Guitar.

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  • SX Taurus II MN 3TS electric guitar
  • Snark SN1 guitar tuner
  • Guitar Strap


Overall length => 39"
Scale length => 25 1/2"
Width at the widest point => 12 3/4"
Thickness of body => 1 3/4"
Width of the neck at the nut => 1 5/8"
Neck radius => 13.7" (350 mm)
String spacing at the nut => 1/4"
String spacing at the bridge => 3/8"
Weight => 8 pounds




seems OK to this beginner submitted by bfields on May 19, 2017, 12:57pm The guitar I checked out seems to be setup OK, and it was pretty much in tune out of the case.

It has neck dive--if you strap it on and just let it dangle, the neck hangs lower than the body. Also, the tone knob makes a little noise when you turn it.

Otherwise, everything seems to work fine. It feels and sounds good to me.

Disclaimer: I've played bass, but not guitar, so I'm no expert. I'm just having fun working through part of this book:

Love it submitted by ruba on July 11, 2017, 9:30pm I like the idea of having an electric guitar at the library in hand for aadl members to try .

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