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A Canterbury Tale

DVD - 2006 DVD Drama Canterbury None on shelf 1 request on 1 copy Community Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Originally produced as a British film in 1944.
Disc 2: the supplements: Sheila Sim interview [featurette] (20 min.); John Sweet: A pilgrim's return [featurette] (23 min.); A Canterbury trail [featurette] (24 min.); Listening to Britain [featurette] (7 min.); Listen to Britain [featurette] (19 min.).
Booklet includes essays "A Canterbury Tale: 'Glorious, isn't it?'" by Graham Fuller, "A tribute" by Peter von Bagh, and "The Making of A Canterbury tale" by John Sweet.
Disc 1: the film Prologue -- "Next stop, Canterbury" -- Mr. Colpeper -- Hand of glory -- Wheelwright -- "Things don't always add up" -- Landgirl -- Colpeper's lecture -- Village mystery -- Sticks and stones -- Salvage mission -- Miracles -- Higher courts -- "Always and organist" -- Caravan -- Heavenly messenger -- End credits -- Color bars Special features: Optional audio commentary by film historian Ian Christie [audio feature]; American version excerpts [featuring Kim Hunter] (12 min).
Eric Portman, Sheila Sim, Dennis Price, John Sweet, Esmond Knight, Charles Hawtrey, Hay Petrie, George Merritt, Edward Rigby, Freda Jackson, Betty Jardine, Eliot Makeham, Harvey Golden, Leonard Smith, James Tamsitt, David Todd.
During a blackout, three train passengers arrive at Chillingbourne in Kent. Londoner Alison Smith is feisty representative of the Women's Land Army (aka the "land girls"). Bob Johnson is an American soldier whose intended destination was Canterbury. Peter Gibbs is a classical music student who worked in peacetime as a cinema organist. As they make their way through the village, Alison has something poured on to her hair by an unseen attacker. She is the latest victim of the Glue Man, a nocturnal rogue who harasses young women who date American soldiers. She, along with Bob and Peter, vow to track him down. Ostensibly a mystery, the film is principally a portrait of the bucolic English countryside during wartime.
DVD; Region 1, NTSC; Dolby Digital mono; aspect ratio 1:33:1.


beautiful and offbeat submitted by amy on July 5, 2014, 5:43am Another beautiful and slightly offbeat film by the great duo, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, that takes its time to unfold, with lush black and white cinematography, a pastoral landscape, a sometimes haunting soundtrack, and a script that is first one type of film, then another - a whodonut, a war film, a rustic adventure. Slowly the plot twists and turns into a singularly lyrical journey of four 1944-era pilgrims who, like Chaucer's pilgrims hundreds of years earlier, are ultimately wending their way toward the blessings or atonement that await them in Canterbury.