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Bring Your Words

Orwig, Kathryn Book Download - 2021 Community Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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The words bound here in their final form started in various places and stages. Some as snippets of scenes scrawled into margins of notebooks as half-remembered dreams, others as stanzas missing a poignant turn of phrase; at least a few were assignments born into the world on a looming deadline, polished to perfection long after the class concluded.

Wherever the ideas came from, penned and morphed into shape, they’ve found a home here. Within this anthology, we ten authors bring you our words. Words we love, words we hate, words we may never use again to show glimpses into worlds vaster than their page count allows for here. We hope you take delight, sigh, cry, laugh out loud, and, most importantly, enjoy them all as you read—as much as we have enjoyed writing them.

All authors: JD Akins, Kaleb A. Brown, C.D. Gillikin, Carol May, Ivy Obuchowski, Abby, O'Meara, Lila Scott, S. Alastor Node and Kathryn Orwig.


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Fifth Avenue Press

Year Published: 2021
Format: Book Download