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Starchild & The New Romantic Music Download - 2016 Community Rating: 0 out of 5

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“Champion Music for the Heartbroken.” That’s how Bryndon Cook, who records as Starchild, describes Crucial, his first EP for Ghostly. It’s easy to hear what he means: over the course of the record’s 30 minutes, Starchild creates songs that draw equally on electro and R&B;, with silky sheets of synth cascading over rubbery bass lines. And at the center of every one of them is an undeniable twinge of sadness.

Which makes sense - Crucial is an album born of risk. Starchild was the first member of his family to leave their home for New York and, though he was technically pursuing a BFA in acting, eventually his interest in music took over. “I really tried to go on a limb and find an expression of my own self, not what I was supposed to be according to anything else,” he explains. “I was leaving for New York with a head full of Prince bootlegs and Sade records, basically. I took what I knew, applied it to things I learned at acting school, and started writing songs.”


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Year Published: 2016
Format: Music Download