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Baseball: 6th Inning – The National Pastime

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With the onset of World War II, America needed baseball more than ever-even when some of its biggest stars saw action on the battlefield instead of the ball field. Of course, for the game to live up to everything America stood for, its most important battle had to be fought at home. This program follows the sport throughout the 1940s, from Joe DiMaggio's celebrated hitting streak to the awe-inspiring performance of Ted Williams to the debut of Jackie Robinson-who, by joining the Brooklyn Dodgers and breaking the color barrier, embodied what director Ken Burns calls "baseball's finest moment
Introduction to 'The National Pastime' (5:23)
Sixth Inning (4:24)
A Summer of Heroes (15:44)
The Joy Zone (9:42)
Hilda Is Here (4:04)
Hilda Is Here - Ebbets Field (3:40)
Hilda Is Here - 1941 World Series (3:36)
War (7:44)
War - Women's Baseball (6:28)
The Answer Is No (4:13)
Bottom of the Sixth (2:46)
This I Know (7:19)
The Race Man (10:27)
Heartbroken (6:05)
Big League Material (6:37)
He's Coming (3:29)
He's Coming - Doris Kearns Goodwin (2:52)
April 15, 1947 (7:36)
Up in the Race (19:06)
The Family of Baseball (5:00)
The Family of Baseball - Satchel Paige (2:09)
So Would the Babe (6:45)
Credits: 'The National Pastime' (2:54)


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Ken Burns' Baseball

Encoded with permission for digital streaming by Infobase on June 14, 2011
Year Published: 2011
Format: Streaming Video

United States
World War, 1939-1945