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In Remembrance of Martin

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This documentary examines Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy. Filmed in Atlanta on the first federal holiday in his honor, an impressive group of distinguished public figures is interviewed, including: former President Jimmy Carter; Rev. Jesse Jackson; Bishop Desmond Tutu; Rev. Ralph Abernathy; Julian Bond; Senator Edward Kennedy; Andrew Young; Bill Cosby, among others. Archival footage recounts highlights of Dr. King's actions and accomplishments in the civil rights movement: being fingerprinted after his arrest during the Montgomery bus boycott; his 1963 "I have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial; and his 1964 acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize
Sponsors: In Remembrance of Martin (0:24)
First Federal Holiday Honoring Birth of Martin Luther King Jr. (2:15)
Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. (2:28)
Georgia State Capitol Tribute (2:30)
Unveiling of 'Behold' (1:47)
College Classmates Reminisce (1:45)
Montgomery Bus Boycott (2:28)
From Plato to Politics (2:03)
The Birmingham Campaign (2:06)
The Selma Campaign (2:56)
How Long, Not Long! (2:31)
Cosby and Gregory at Morehouse (3:06)
Against the War in Vietnam (2:11)
Civil Rights Movement Reunion (2:02)
My Life Shall Not Have Been in Vain (3:29)
Let Freedom Ring! (2:24)
A Doer, Not a Dreamer (1:17)
Poor People's Campaign (3:09)
A Dangerous Calling (1:48)
The Chicago Campaign (2:41)
The Way of the Cross (2:47)
Conquering the Fear of Death (2:57)
"I've Been to the Mountaintop" (2:13)
Martin Luther King Jr. Funeral (2:05)
Credits and Sponsors: In Remembrance of Martin (2:00)


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Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.), 1986
Year Published: 1986
Format: Streaming Video

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