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The National Parks: America's Best Idea - Part 4: Going Home

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This episode follows the growth of the NPS after the advent of the automobile gave more people than ever the ability to travel to visit the parks. Stephen Mather embraced this opportunity and worked to build more roads in the parks. In North Carolina, Horace Kephart, a reclusive writer, and George Masa, a Japanese immigrant, launched a campaign to protect the last stands of virgin forest in the Smoky Mountains by including them in a park. In Wyoming, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., began quietly buying up land in the Teton Mountain Range and valley in a secret plan to donate it to the government as a park
Grand Canyon Experience (1:36)
Margaret Gehrke (1:59)
Lake McDonald (2:43)
National Park Idea (2:20)
Stephen Mather (1:38)
Automobile and the National Parks (1:28)
Mather's Ideas About Parks (1:52)
Promotion of Parks (1:55)
Automobile and Parks (2:11)
Park-to-Park Highway (2:01)
Rangers (2:42)
Role of Rangers (2:00)
Mather and the Rangers (2:02)
Female Rangers and Silly Questions (1:23)
Gehrkes' Long Road Trip (2:12)
Trip Continues (2:37)
Another Road Trip (2:01)
Collecting Parks (3:08)
Smokey Mountains (2:49)
Back of Beyond (1:41)
Kephart's Writing (1:51)
Lumber Companies in Smokey Mountains (1:34)
George Masa in the Smokey Mountains (2:22)
Uniting to Save Smokeys (2:04)
Fundraising for Park (2:37)
Senator Cameron (3:04)
Mather Versus Cameron (1:19)
Mather Defeated (1:37)
Grandeur of Canyon (0:58)
Bessie Hyde and the Colorado River (1:52)
Hydes Press On (2:20)
Hydes Stop to Rest (2:44)
Hydes Disappear (2:50)
Man and Nature (1:56)
Push to Expand Yellowstone (2:13)
Rockefeller Junior's Visit (2:53)
Rockefeller Buys Land (2:43)
Parks Unite America (2:25)
Scenic Roads Project (1:40)
Competing Visions of Parks (2:15)
Wilderness Society (1:51)
Mather's the Man (2:54)
Mather's Death and Legacy (2:50)
Rockefeller and the Grand Smokey (2:28)
Locals Forced Out (2:12)
Kephart and Masa Die (2:25)
Franklin Roosevelt Boosts Grand Smokey (1:32)
Crowding Parks (2:33)
Gehrkes' Continuing Travels (2:12)
Return to Rocky Mountain (2:08)
Margaret After Edward's Death (2:53)
Credits: The National Parks: America's Best Idea-A Film- by Ken Burns Part 4, Going Home (1920-1933) (2:37)


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Ken Burns' The National Parks: America's Best Idea

Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.), 2009
Year Published: 2009
Format: Streaming Video

National parks and reserves
Physical geography
North America
Political planning
Public policy (Law)
United States
Social policy