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The National Parks: America's Best Idea - Part 5: Great Nature

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In this episode, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to battle unemployment in the Great Depression, created the Civilian Conservation Corps, which spawned a "golden age" for the parks through major renovation projects. In a groundbreaking study, a young NPS biologist named George Melendez Wright discovered widespread abuses of animal habitats and pushed the service to reform its wildlife policies. Congress narrowly passed a bill to protect the Everglades in Florida as a national park - the first time a park had been created solely to preserve an ecosystem. As America became embroiled in World War II, Roosevelt was pressured to open the parks to mining, grazing, and lumbering
To-tu-ya, Granddaughter of Chief Tenaya Returns (2:25)
Rangers Consider National Parks (1:31)
Now I am in America (2:52)
Roosevelt Transforms the Park Service (2:05)
New Park Service Sites (1:09)
Wildlife Has a Friend in George Melendez Wright (2:50)
Status of Wildlife In America's Parks (2:28)
America's Changing Relationship with National Parks (2:36)
The People Love Their Parks (1:39)
History of the Florida Everglades (2:17)
"Drain the Everglades" (1:22)
Save the Everglades (3:20)
National Park Service Reluctant to Make Everglades a National Park (3:10)
Everglades National Park Created (2:42)
"Roosevelt Views Scenic Wonders of the West" (2:23)
Roosevelt's New Deal (2:46)
Memories of the Civilian Conservation Corps (4:16)
After the Civilian Conservation Corps (3:14)
Golden Age of the Depression (2:50)
Saving Trumpeter Swans (2:47)
National Parks Lose Champion George Melendez Wright (2:09)
"Roosevelt Sees Wonders of West" (2:12)
Roosevelt Makes Parks Grow (1:50)
Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes (2:19)
Mount Olympus National Monument (2:03)
Olympic National Park (1:48)
A Paradise of our Own World and Time. (2:39)
Taught by Silence (4:21)
Holy Mountain (2:05)
Ansel Adams (2:27)
Ansel Adams Dream (1:36)
Kings Canyon National Park (2:23)
Montage of Ansel Adams's Park Photographs (1:05)
World War II (2:33)
Park Attendance Drops - Utility Goes Up (1:50)
Manzanar Internment Camp (3:06)
Moonlight Over Topaz (4:16)
Jackson Hole National Monument (2:29)
Wyoming's Response to Jackson Hole Monument Creation (2:40)
Grand Teton National Park Enlarged (3:45)
The Power of Remembered Landscapes (1:41)
Chasing an American Ideal (1:45)
Marian Anderson Performs at the Lincoln Memorial (4:20)
Credits: The National Parks: America's Best Idea: A Film by Ken Burns Part 5, Great Nature (1933-1945) (3:52)


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Ken Burns' The National Parks: America's Best Idea

Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.), 2009
Year Published: 2009
Format: Streaming Video

United States
National parks and reserves
Physical geography
North America
Political planning
Social policy