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Prohibition - Episode 1: A Nation of Drunkards

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In the early days of the nation, men drink cider and beer all day long and at nearly every occasion, from barn-raisings and baptisms to funerals and public hangings. But as hard whiskey becomes increasingly affordable and saloons turn more and more drunks into the gutter, America seems to have become a nation of drunkards. Unable to vote, women in Ohio shut down taverns by praying on their doorsteps. In Kansas, Carrie Nation attacks hotel bars with her hatchet, and preachers, progressives, and puritans everywhere join the campaign for temperance. Eventually, they demand a constitutional amendment to rid the country of the scourge of drink. But Americans are about to discover that making Prohibition the law of the land is one thing; enforcing it will be another
Rev. Beecher & Start of Prohibition (2:30)
Prohibition's Challenge to "Americanness" (2:26)
Alcohol in America's Early History (3:20)
Rise in Distilled Alcohol Consumption (1:38)
Impact of Drunkenness on Women & Children (1:07)
Early Reform & Temperance Movements (2:50)
Women in Temperance Movement (1:21)
Solution Stronger Than Temperance (2:12)
First State Prohibition Legislation (2:52)
Civil War & Government Profit on Alcohol (1:13)
Impact of Immigration on Temperance Movement (1:55)
The Woman's Crusade (4:01)
Successes & Failures of the Woman's Crusade (3:09)
Frances Willard & WCTU (3:36)
Indoctrinating Children Against Alcohol (3:53)
Saloon Culture (4:33)
Brewer-Owned Saloons (1:09)
Vice Districts (3:28)
Carry Nation's Crusade (7:32)
Anti-Saloon League (3:05)
Anti-Saloon League in Politics (4:40)
"Ten Nights in a Bar Room" (1:07)
Prohibition's Anti-Immigrant Sentiment (4:20)
German Brewers Against Prohibition (4:25)
Toward National Prohibition (2:46)
Demand for Prohibition Amendment (2:14)
Mounting Support for Prohibition (3:41)
WWI & Anti-German Hostility (2:46)
Ratification of 18th Amendment (2:22)
Celebration of 18th Amendment (2:30)
Initial Reactions to Prohibition (2:30)
Credits: A Nation of Drunkards: Prohibition-A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick (2:44)


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Cover image for Prohibition - Episode 1: A Nation of Drunkards

Ken Burns' Prohibition

Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.), 2011
Year Published: 2011
Format: Streaming Video

United States