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Prohibition - Episode 3: A Nation of Hypocrites

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Somehow, even though the sale of alcohol is outlawed, by the late 1920s America has become the world's largest importer of cocktail shakers. As the Jazz Age rallies on, buoyed by an unprecedented winning streak on Wall Street, it seems the party will never end. A new generation of women join the nightclub whirl, and Hollywood and songwriters alike glamorize their drinking, smoking, and dating. The hypocrisies and unintended consequences of Prohibition have become impossible to ignore. Chicago gangs fight brutal beer wars on city streets, unlucky drinkers are poisoned by adulterated liquor, and government agents routinely violate civil rights just to make a bust. To many, including millions of women who once supported Prohibition, the law itself has come to be the greatest threat to American families. By the early 1930s, with the nation now mired in the Great Depression, few care to spend precious resources on Prohibition enforcement. In 1933, the country has finally had enough and repeals the 18th Amendment; for the first time in 13 years, Americans can legally buy a drink
Flagrant Defiance of Prohibition (2:29)
Criticisms of Prohibition (1:06)
1920s: Decade of Hypocrisy (4:42)
Emergence of Speakeasies (3:47)
Lois Long's Speakeasy Dispatches (4:06)
Lois Long on Harlem Speakeasies (3:38)
Chicago Beer Wars (3:16)
Chicago Gang Violence & Impunity (3:35)
Al Capone in Media Spotlight (3:39)
Capone's Complicated Relationship with Public (2:37)
Liberation of Women (2:39)
Sexual Revolution (2:24)
Conspicuous Consumption of Alcohol (1:47)
Al Smith's Presidential Candidacy (3:41)
Opposition to Al Smith (3:01)
Hatred for Al Smith (1:56)
Religion in 1928 Presidential Election (2:47)
Election of Herbert Hoover (1:47)
Aftermath of 1928 Election (2:15)
Challenges of Repealing Prohibition (2:01)
Pauline Sabin (4:13)
Pauline Sabin's Women's Organization (1:57)
Women in Anti-Prohibition Movement (1:47)
St. Valentine's Day Massacre (3:51)
National Crime Syndicate (3:41)
Stock Market Crash & Depression (2:39)
1930 Midterm Elections (2:12)
President Hoover on Prohibition (1:36)
Chasing Al Capone (2:36)
Capone's Arrest & Conviction (2:28)
1932 Presidential Candidates (4:34)
FDR's Election & Immediate Action (2:53)
Legalization of Beer (1:48)
Repeal of Prohibition (1:52)
Legacy of Prohibition (2:28)
Persistence of Alcoholism (2:30)
Lessons Learned from Prohibition (1:18)
Credits: A Nation of Hypocrites: Prohibition - A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novic (2:51)


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Cover image for Prohibition - Episode 3: A Nation of Hypocrites

Ken Burns' Prohibition

Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.), 2011
Year Published: 2011
Format: Streaming Video

Nineteen twenties
United States
United States