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Mr. Mcginty's Monarchs

Vander Heyden, Linda. Book Download - 2016 Community Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Mr. McGinty and his dog Sophie love checking in on the monarch caterpillars and butterflies on their summer walks. But one day Mr. McGinty is shocked to find that all the milkweed in town has been mowed down! And monarch caterpillars, he explains, can't survive without milkweed. Can Mr. McGinty come up with a plan to save the monarchs? This is a tale that is informative, a call to action, and a sweet story time pick.


Mr. McGinty's Monarchs submitted by SBNB on June 17, 2020, 10:52am This is a great book! Mr. McGinty saves bunch of the caterpillars that will turn into monarch butterflies, and he teaches kids how to care for them. There is a page of information at the end too about the importance of milkweed for monarchs.

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Sleeping Bear Press

Year Published: 2016
Format: Book Download


Monarch butterfly -- Fiction.
Butterflies -- Fiction.
Caterpillars -- Fiction.