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The Great Detroit

Strong Productions Movie Download - 2017 Community Rating: 3 out of 5

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The Great Detroit is a documentary about the history of Detroit, as well as an exploration of its current residents, features, industry, and culture. Beginning with Detroit's founding, the film covers remarkable parks, venues, architecture, sports, music, and industry. The city is known for mass production of automobiles, with Chrysler, Ford and General Motors headquartered there. Learn, too, about Motown Music - an internationally recognized brand that began in Detroit, along with the Techno music genre. Featuring 55 interviewees sharing their expertise and experiences.

Producer: Anthony Brogdon
Publisher: Strong Productions
Run time: 75 min
2017 edition includes new footage (first edition originally released in 2014)


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Cover image for The Great Detroit

Year Published: 2017
Format: Movie Download