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Who We Might Be

Jeffries, Linda Cotton Book Download - 2019 Community Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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"Imagine if every piece of your life unraveled at once.Carolyn Jacobs didn’t go looking for her birth mother. But when she appeared unexpectedly, Carolyn found herself tumbling into a world of wealth that she had never imagined possible. With more and more people now depending on her, Carolyn will have to negotiate her way through this frightening and unfamiliar world while still holding true to her own complicated identity.In the wake of Carolyn Jacobs’s discovery, private detective Gregory Hanes has found just the opposite. Beaten and heartbroken he has lost everything and finds himself on the run from the Warren crime family, the FBI and everything he knows. A city boy washed up on the raw shore of a Carolina barrier island, he will have to summon every bit of strength he has to survive. Only then will he be able to search for a way to come home. Who We Might Be takes the reader into the heart of the question, what would you do if all of the circumstances of your life changed in an instant? Would you find your way home or create a new one? Fans of Linda Cotton Jeffries’ debut novel, We Thought We Knew You, will find familiar characters and elements of suspense in this exciting sequel."


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Fifth Avenue Press

Year Published: 2019
Format: Book Download