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Cinema Guild, Winter Schedule, 1983

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Winter 1983 TO READ • Oedk:ated o !, m ,t ~nd h1sto, n Sarah Bellum. 1 :io2 198' wri,:,eebo i<.s njartcie c,afhmgeduslormo,ethan~year." • Schedule Layout Wedg~ Jr 3tudl\.S Angel Polo Labor: Cinema Guth:I Type De1mas West CoHI Corrftpondent Rohen Ziebell EHi Coast Correspondent Norman Wang Contributing Editor Fate IN EVERY ISSUE • an... Quid IS located IO Lorch Hall, Old A & OAud1tonum. 00 the comer of Tappan and Monroe S1reets, Ann Arbor Adm,a-lk>n.. $2 00 Aduftl. $1 00 Children under 12. $3 00 Double FNt\.lra.ASenes Ticket fortenshows1sS1S 00 ClnemaGuffd1sa notl-1)r0f11 film society funded entirely by your kind suppor1 ANUARY WEDNESDAYJANUARYS MARX BROTHERS NIGHT ANIMAL CRACKERS Otr Victor Leerman. 1930 (97 min) The lour Marx Brothers. Margaret Dumont. l1ll1an Roth Another classic Man, Bros comedy Highlights ,nclude Groucho·s African lecture ( ·one morning I shol an elephant 1n my paJamas Ho.,. he got 1n10 my pajamas. I don·1 know") and thecardgameHarpoandCh,coplay w,th Margaret Dumont 7-00 only DUCKSOUP D,r LeoMcCarey. 1933 (70mm) All lour Marx Brothers worked w,th Paramount's lop director on the !01, McCarey, a genius of comedy As Pnme M1n1ster Firefly ol Freedonia. Groucho soon reduces Queen Margaret Dumont's Kingdom to shambles Har po and Chico appear as peanut vendors who become secret agents Zeppo rounds out the gang as Firefly's secretary and straight man W11! the real Firefly please resign? 8.50 only A NIGHT AT THE OPERA o,r Sam Wood, 1935 (90 min J Tho Marx Bmth1 re. at ti·•~ .r peak crossing the Atlantic with an Italian opera c lmr,Ari y Anarcliy ,n 1ne Slateroom Includes the vumness Bnnk answe, 11.1 Huw many people can 111 into a 1h1rd-cl1;1ss s1a1eroom 10 00 only THURSDAYJANUARY6 THE GRADUATE D1 M,ke N11 r,. I! 1967 '0' rr,· Clnemucope. Dustin H, ti man Anne tsar ,:r • K.atl"t • 1n• A, Dust,,i ,1ot1man play, he unforgettable Ben1amm Braddc,._,. 1he unc,mam at.: dem1cal v succP~!ut college graduate searching 101 a meaningful dt' ,n middle clas~ America Hes1tan1 to ,mmed1al£>ly Jump mtu p1a 1,cs Ben1amm 1alls prey to lhe charms of Mrs Rob,nson but evE.1ntually falls 1n love w1fh her daughter (Ben lacks a few social graces) Sk1Ulully mixes S1mon and Garlunke! music. comedy the sights and sounds of the60's and !hf' trmulat,on ol youth in all decades 7 00 & 9 00 FR I DAY JANUARY 7 A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Dir Stani.-,y Kut,,,.·~ 1971 137 mu 35 mm. M;Hcoim Mc Dl .-.. Palnrk Mage,· Bw,f•d )0 Arlt ·'lV P, 1rg t:hl n-;i N in the near 'Jture Ow· her, Al , ,,, ·,iy brotne1 a aocad£>nl m,ddle-cl,'ISs youth and his droogs ha'o'8funand ma~e noney by running down small furry ar11mals 1w1th 11oJen :ars) kicking old drunks and raping the rich w,lh the style and fla1 of Gene Kelly But the law catches up with them {Oh trear:h,.ry! .ind Alex is ilrrested and made !he guinea pig of a real horro•stww progressive pnson rehao1l!tahon program !he su..cess dnd e1h1cs ot wh,ch are Questionable The mol,vtJs and ml'lhods ol the dehnQuents. government. reformers. and society m gerioral are examined m this almost perfect Mm that gets you r:tieermg the darnedest things ·1 was cured all righ! 7.00 & 9 30 SATURDAYJANUARYB DR.ZHIVAGO Q,r David Lean. 1965. (194 min ) 35 mm. Clnema1<:ope Omar Shani. Julie Chnstte. Alec Guinness Lean·s expansive and maJes11c adaptation of Pasternak ·s classic novel 15a love story se1 against the profound h1stoncat changes brought on by the Russian Revolution. The story centers around the hie of Yun Zh111ago. an upperclassdoctor and peel. ashe1scarned along by the events of the Revolution The musical score and sweeping pholography make valuable contnbut1ons to this unforgeltable Oscar w1nn,ng him 4 00 & 8'.ClO SUNDAY JANUARY 9 SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS Dir Preston S1urges. 19"11 (90 min J Joel McCrea. Veron,ca Lake. Robel1 Warwick. William Demarest Eric Blore A wmn1ng larce--drama from fhe great master of the screwball comedy, Preston Sturges A Hollywood comedy director. !Ired ol making such epics as ··Ants in Their Pantsol 1939.·· longs tomakeO!msof social significance and takes an mcogn110 tnp to learn how the ether hall lives ~jf they knew what they liked, they wouldn't hve in Pittsburgh 7.00 only UNFAITHFULLY YOURS Dir Pres1on Sturges, 1948 (105 min) Rex Hamson. Lmda Demell. Audy Vallee, Uonel Stander. Edgar Kennedy The las! class,c comedy ol Preston Sturges. A celebraled Bnl1sh con-ductor (a parody or the le1hal-!ongued S1r Thomas Beecham) suspects his wife ol mfldelity Ounng a Carnegie Hall concert he dreams up three d1tferent ways ol dealing with the s1tual1on {mclud1ng murder) to the accompaniment ot Rossini. Wagner and Tcha1kovsll.y What more can one ask of a lilm?" -Pauline Kael 840 only MONDAY JANUARY 10 JAPANESE FILM SERIES SAMURAI: PART I Dtr H1rosh1 lnagak, 1954 (92 mm l Japanese with subtitles Tosh1to M1fune Thi· Samurai trrlogy 19 based upon h1stortcal mythology - the ex pt oil~ ol the pea,anl who became a master swordsman. Musash1 M1yamo10, whow lame as a swordsman 1s well-known and whose wnt1ngs on strategy The Book of Flwe Rlnga. is a bestseller !oday The hrst part relates M1yamo1o·s arduous tra1n1ng and indoctnnat1on lnniauy a wtld. unscru-pulous sort. a percept1,,.e pnest recognizes h,s po1enua1 and breaks him ol his pnde and 1rrespons1b1hty Academy Award. Bes! Foreign Ftlm. 7 00 only.FREE WEDNESDAYJANUARY12 SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT Dir Ingmar Bergman. 1955 (108 mm) Swechsh with subtitles 81b1 Andersson, Eva Oahlbeek, Gunner B1ornstrand Eight .. natacters become tour couples ,n 1hisexqu1s1tecarnal comedy set m turn-ot-the-cen1ury Sweden The summer night has three smiles for young lovers. lorclownsand fools, and lor1hesadand lonely. A dehgh11u11y droll contemplahon or amorous ardors Bosley Crowthers 7 00 & 9 00 THURSDAYJANUARY13 BATTLE OF ALGIERS Dir Gelfo Pontecorvo. 1966 (123 mm )Jean Martin French with subtitles Another Pontecorvo t11m (Burn, Kapo) wh,ch u~s the medium tor revolutionary purp~. th,s him documents the upns1ng ot theAlger,an Arahsagamst French cotontal rule ,n the 1950's and the unsuccesstut efforts of the French to crush the movement Known tor 11s documentary style. which !e0<1s an unusual sense ol realism The director merges the acuons of haractersas 1nd1v1duals and as membe~ ol .l largersoc1alen1tty wh1cn 1s espons1ble for prornoting hlstoncal change 7 00 &9 1!> FRIDAY JANUARY 14 THE SHINING O • Stanley Kub111~k 1980 1 :46 mm l Jack N, ho son Shelley Duvall. Scatman Crothers. Danny Uoyd 35 mm. Anem ·1ona11y vacuous lather a mous,•y mother and a p,ychrcaltyg,ftedson ire stranded ma ski resort and a ch1Jlmgly abrupt breakdown ol the t:en1ra1 family results The rt'$0r1 and grounds become a hive or comdors that can either irap or aa'o'8 Crazed violence bu~tc, forth when all work and no play make Jack a dull bay and an extremely threatening man A 1/uly suspenselul him from a man who seems able to master anv genre 7 00 & 9 35 SATURDAYJANUARY15 ORDINARY PEOPLE 011 Robert Redford. 1980 (124 min) Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore. T1mo1hy Huttnn. Judd Hirsch. One of the most compasS1onate and inc,s1ve dramas in roo£>nt years. Ordinary People 1s a stunning him and winner ol i,everal 1mpor1an1 Chea, A teenager {Hutton) iroubled beca0&0 he failed tosaveh,solder brother from drownmg. also fails in his su1c1de attempt His parents. affluent suburbanites, do not aeem able to res1ore !he boys confidence. nor do they appea, capable ol understanding his troubled stalt' ot mind Through the help ol a psvch,a1ris bnlhantly played by Hirsch. Hutton 1s able to reconcile> h,msell to llte·s d1ff1cu11t ,s_ and gam a nr>w, loa,;,ness with h,s lath 00 & ~);J•'° WEDNESDAYJANUARY19 HAMLET O,r FranzPeterW111h. 1964 (127m1n)Max1m1hanSchelJ Atthe time Max1m1han Schell won the Oscar for Best Actor,n Judgment Al Nuntmburg, he was playing the noble and tragic Prmce of Elsmore on the &Ulge Translerrtng h1s perlormance 10 film. he plays w,th even greater force m a stunningly ph')tog,aphed rarely shown adaptat1on of Shakespeare·s masterpiece 7 00 & 9:20 THURSDAYJANUARY20 z Dir. Costa-Gavras, 1969 (128 min J French with sublltles Yves Montand. Jean-Louis Tnnhgnant, Irene Papas A Greek pac1l1st leader IS struck down bye speechng !ruck while hundreds watch Despite the olhc1al police repon of accidental death, a 1our-na11sl's pers1stant Quest,omng leads 10 a full scale 1nvest1gat1on which sparks a mystenous campa1gnol terroraga1nsl witnesses and lnends ot the dead man Mounting evidence pom1s to the involvement of !he highest pubhc oll,c,als 1n both murder and attempts 10 conceal an enormous wab of government scandal Music by M1k1s TheodoraklS AcadAmy Award. Best Forergn Film 600&9.50 BASIC TRAINING Der Freclt-r,,:k Wt5Pman 1971 (89 mm l Uncovers human cond,11on~ m inhuman s1tuat1on, 1n the marching. rhe physi-cal exercise. the hand•l'->•hand .ombat. 1he loss 01 1dent1ty. Wiseman. w1thoul narra11on. conveys the humor and sadness of th._, s,tuahon He not only 1mpans the essence ol m1htarytra1nmg. he latches on h:i young men thrust into ma1ur11y. some before the1rt1me On1hesurlace1twasa1rammgl1lmforwar Butforthe sens,11ve and ,n1ell1gent ,1 was a scream,ng cry for people Terrence O'Flaherty San Francisco Chronk:le. 8.15 only FRIDAY JANUARY 21 SATURDAYJANUARY22 THE WORLD ACCORDING TOGARP Dir George Roy Hill 1982 (IJti mm l Robin W1U1ams. Glenn Close, Mary Beth Hu11 Based on the novel by John Irv mg. Garp,s a tilm of the unexpected An odd assonment ol events brrng Jenny Fields and her bastard son. aspmng wnter and v.resUer. mto contact w,th a society ol women who remove their tongues ,n protest. a transsexual fullback. a farewell oral-genital ceremony and ull1mately the vllla,nous Pooh You won't want to miss the resolu1,on ol an ongoing battle between Garp and the campus dog Bonkers, and Garp·s ch()(ce 01 a dream house w,th bu,11-m llvmg lessons .. Tender, comic. tragic. attec11onate. ribald. luna11c. bnlhanlly 1nventtve--and above all. exquisitely cas1 and performed She1ta Benson 7 00 & 9 30 MONDAY JANUARY 24 JAPANESE FILM SERIES SAMURAI: PART II Dir H, ,.,r, lnay,,~. '9:14 { :02 min Japanese with subhllf'S i tm Mtfw"· P( •olt-'d m vibrant style and mood but not prnc se1y '! sequel to Iha first segemnt, (Part II) recount. the st rn'lg advc-turllS of a fE-gendary figure as he slashed through leudat Japan at the heigh! 01 h,s Samura,-nOOd T e rio-w 1echmcanv 1k1 led M1yamo10 sets out acri l8S tne cauniry 1"1 dewelop h1s •~ nlual -3nd moral be1n9 Wh on the road he attracis the attention rogumh master swwdsman who becomes 1,,s nemeals OC. only FREE WEDNESDAYJANUARY26 THE SEVENTH SEAL 01, Ingmar Bergman, 1956 196 mm Swe<fr>h with submtes Max van Sydow. B1b1 Anders:;on A stunning allegory of man·s search for mean,ng m hie A kn1gh1. alter returnrng home lrom the Crusades. plays a game ot chess with Death (who has a penchant for trickery) whl!e lhe Black Plague ravages med,evat Europe Tne hves and dreams of a group ol people are intertwined with quesuons about the existence ol God and man's place 1n the Unrverse 700& 10 15 ALL THESE WOMEN Dir lngmarBergman.1964 {80m1n \Swec.hshw1thsubhl!es B1b1 Andersson Jar! Kulla A dehghllul farce about a duadcelhst. his harem. and a columncst who must 1oin 1n 1he crazmess to wnte a b,og,aphy ol the deceastod mus1Cutn In an t>xcephon to the rule Bergman lays spir11uaJ Quest aside and otters up an out and out cl'"lrr--<ly 45 only THURSDAYJANUARY27 THE BIRTH OF A NATION Otr D W GnH1th, 1915 (210 mm 1nclud1ng 1nterm,ss1on) S1lenl Mae Marsh. L1U1an Gish. Henry B Walthall. The one movie that can lruty be said to have revolutionized the 1ndus1ry and established l1lm as an an Gr1tfiln used c1nemat1Cgrammarsvch as cross-cumng more dynamically than anyone else up to lhat time and protoundly 1nlloenced lhe course ol narrall"'e Mm An epic ol the C1111l War and Reconstruct1on seen through two lam111es. one Nor1hern and one Southern. Controversial because of its d1stoned representa11on ol blacks. !he motive reflects the white Southern b1asof Gnlft!h. son of a Conlederatesoldler. and the termer Conlederate soldiers who advised him 7"()() only FRIDAY JANUARY 28 EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AND GOD AGAINST ALL D1r Werner Herzog. 1975 (110 mm.) German with sublltles Bruno $. One of Herzog·s most accessible worl(s. lhts l11m examine$ the lascmatJng role played by human and socral contact 1n creating usas human beings Based ona 1rue 1nc1denl. the lllm begins with the appearance ol a young man, Kasper Hauser. who has apparenlly never lived w,thm ahumansoc1etyof any type Belnended by an enlightened townsperson. Kasper learns to read. speak and think. and became a person A nonprol8$S1onal actor Bruno S . plays Kasper and delivers a brilhant perlormance Grand Jury Pri.ze Wmner Cannes F1tm Festive! HlO & 9 05 SATURDAY JANUARY 29 THE BIG SLEEP Dir H< ward Hawks 1946 (114 min) Humphrey Bogan. Lauren Bacall Bogart playti Raymond Chandler's 1conoclas11c dtck Ph1ll1p Marlowe. The lntncate plol in111any revolves around Marfowe·s search !or lhe source ol the gamblrng debts of his employer's (General Sherwood) youngest daughter. This m vest1ga11on leads to a bizarre web or mterconnect10ns lnvolvmg Marlowe in pornography. gambhng. deception. loyalty and love Lauren Bacall plays General Sherwood"s eldBSI daugtller and her dynamic scenes with Bogart bnstlew11hwggestived1alogue The screenplay was co--authOred by Wilham Faulkner s·SO & 1040 KEY LARGO Dir John Huston. 1946 (101 mm J Humphrey8oga11. EdwardG Robinson. Lauren Bacall. Lionel Barrymore. ClaireTre'f'or Two of Warner's toughest guys coJhde m th,s battle of wits played out dunng a hurricane m the Flonda Keys. Former underworld kingpin Johnny Rocco and his sinister entourage take over a smau hotel w.,1le awaiting em,ssanes from M,am, Trapped w,1h this parasitical crew IS Frank. McCloud. a sceptlC.81. embittered Ex-GI paymg respects 10 the owners, the w1d0wand falherol an Army buddy Things come to a boil as the characte~ snap and snarl·-and worse. Rocco becomes increasingly agitated and violent m tempo with lhe &torm Bogal11s. well. Bogart: alter the sale-as-mrlk typt,S he playad throughout most or the 40's. Roo1nson had a field dayw11h 1heva1n desp1cableRocco. Claire Trevor won an OM:8r tor her role as Johnny's pathehcal!y laded old !lame 8 50 only MONDAY JANUARY 31 MIDDLE EASTERN FILM SERIES TIU• lo be, announced onty. FREE


WEDNESDAYFEBRUARY2 BROTHERS KARAMAZOV Dir Richard Brooks. 1958. (146 min.) Yul Brynner. Marra Schell. Cl&lre Bloom. Lee J Cobb, Richard Basehan O06toeVSky'S last and most comptex novel tells of tour ... 'e,y c!ltferen1 brolhers---a sensual worldllng, an alOof tnllilfectual, a mystical rebel, and a sty, repellent. creepy ,nvahd-tne skeina ol whose 11vPs are gathered togeti,er by lhe murder of their brutal m1ser1y fathe, Exceptionally weJHscr'ipted. m,s him ts an esluneble attempt to render a po\ltflrhtl, unspanr,g story ot Intrigue. guilt. and retribut!On. 7 00 & 9 40 THURSDAYFEBRUARY3 KATZELMACHER Ctr. Rainer Wernet Fa'-Sbinoer. 1969 (68 min I German with subtitles A Ch1lhng parable tif lat11nt bourgeom fasc:,sm· a befuddled Greek 1mmlgran1 (played by Rainer) alienates the youth ol a lmtl11 German 1own One of Faasb1n<Jor s most acclaimed earty films 7'()0 Of\ty EFFI BRIEST Dir Ra1n&r Weroer Flt.$Sb1nder 1974 • 140 min.) German w1lh SUbMk-!-S Hanna {ilairill 8raun) Schygul,a. Wolfgang SchNlCk TheOdor Fontan«s Effl 8,in,t ,s the most famous 19th ceni.,ry German 00\'ef comparable 10 a.a.dame Bo,ary in France Tho ltlm Is both a ra,thlul ,oap1at1on and modern re--anaIy8fS an tor ms ot ttw nse of la&CISIYI and the oppression of women Etti 8r\8$t a v,vacioua m1X'!ureof an11-confO!m1ty and med1ocrrty. l5 mam6CI when ,·ar, yaung to a much O!def Pr\JS5.l8t'l d1p(omat The full ett.xtsola bnt>! pas&1onletSaffa tBrele1tonfyS11t.,,P.ars1a1er ina :;1·u!ling rrum1lestal1on of the Prusstan Code ol HonO! 8 41) only FRIDAY FEBRUARY 4 SWEPT AWAY 1 ) -an:-:at1 G nnn !~ In . ne ' fate l3. al burst ng Wllh 1-.l• . .ieta , ~astheycc1n 1 ~ !edandlmpe:-,ua~fe Of & M1,.anes1 lncJU,tl ·, i,l JS f\C\O, at th,!! mercy :,f the $W8r1hy rtr-'Olvt1;)(18ry deckhanc Maybe she OQeS:'I, mind It so muc 1 heeHhef &!lboelychem,stry JvefComaspo iea.Iv1ev, .andw.: d:Stances. Yes.tutwhalw•' lc.appenwheo ·Jle)'haVf!'JgOba\".k'> 700&lU5 SATURDAYFEBRUARYS MAD MAX Dir GeoroeM•ller. 1980 193m1n)Mel(Gellpoff)G1bson 35mm Clnerneec:ope. 8et0<e he beeame The Roed W«rior, Mad Max was a pa1,oiman turned one man v,g1l11nte force seeking blOOdy revenge fOI" the bnnal murdef"'I of his wife and child. This no speed hmit. acuon packed lhrt/ler takes place ,n a barbaric Australia of me future where sachst1c policemen battle cann1-bal1Sllc motorcycle gangs tor con1rol of the highways in an endlns Cfa&tl and burn game 01 death "'Pure entertainment II youhavetokdltoseeth1smovie-do1t M-WrecklessAeed 700, 840& tO<!O SUNDAY FEBRUARY 6 THE GOOD EARTH Dir Sidney Frantthn. 1937 (138 min ) Paul Muni. Lois,t Ratner. Waner Connolly. JBPte Ralph. Tithe Losch. Charlm: Grapewin One of the greet l1tm1 ol lhe 193Crs. TM Good &rth, based on Nowl Pra.e wmne, Peart Suell s claute novel of hie ,n r,ear-contempo,ary Crun1, presen1,an nonest 11erymovingp1c1ureof • penant family who faced c1v1I war, famine. bandits, nature & cruettl81.. and whoM surv1'1'8I was a tr,bute 10 setf!e&S family vaiuee GJonoualy f !med and superbty acteci Mum aa the hl.dlband wno finds ev.nlual prosoe,ny an ,rrealst1bte 1emp1a-bon Ramer {In her heart-breatuog Acad"1'1'1>' Award perlor menceJ as the quiet dut fl.Ji w~ who w, I not lhnch lrom cnme, ~• p,otecl her lamify, Connolly as, thegl1l$J)lng Ojd ~ncie Losch as DW exottc dancer~n UnfO!gettable are me ~no,a'1\1C ~oftaP'ne lhek>eUitSwhoaudtbfychttwdowt'lthehar..-e,• H,,e Ott Old Ctun1-90M lonwer now canoe seen o.f'ld re:1 ,c tat:MN>:hUffllf'lrakty 700&930 E FILM SERIES .PARTII 958 105 ftUn) Japanae with sobt1UM rhtrd NCbOn ol' the~-la&andbltweenthedl:unll~S k1lliCloUI S■ukt Ko;lro There~ Slmura la htmsell ilOCIIIIJ. WEDNESDAYFEBRUARY9 LORD OF THE FLIES Dir. Peter Broox. 1963 (90 min.) James Aubrey. Tom Chapin, Hugh Edwards When a plane Cllrrying a group ol Enghsh schoolbOyl: crashes on a troP1cal island, they must light lo survive not only lhe strange physical environment bul their own pent-up. scarcely soc,ahzed emotions. SIOwly the)' sml. into supers1111on and barbarism. carrymg out ternble caremome& 01 brutah1y and eventually, death Based on Wilham Goldmg·s poetic novel "Compelllng ..... -Leonard Mattm 7·00 & 1010 DOG STAR MAN Dir S!an Brak hag.::. 1961-6,tl_ (76 mm.} Complei. Vertlon. One OI 8rt1khage·.s m8jor V,,OfkS, IF'ltS him has a kernel of a story a woodsman cltmba up a mountain. s1ruggle5 w1m a tree. has a ,eJ<.ual < continues to struggle will'I the tree, !alls back. down the mountain Ralher than hpanding on the plors dr11mat1c compllcahons. as a con..-l'Tltiona! him would. Brakhage has taken lh1!1 germ of a drama 11nd exoanded on •tseverya!ipect Of>veioped tts conlei,;1 ,n the universe tmages of the C01m1c and m1croscop1c----1uns, ata~ tht1 tu ming eartn tmy cells and blood ..-esseis. ,m.ages of b0d1es and internal body organs. nature and man-made structures. are all combined b)' echtmg wh1Ch sees each &Jement e.s • rneiaphor for othe~ and m its rela11onsh1p to Ille· story TM Mm s themes are as vast as Its IUbJACI matter and 1ochn1que: !he retatt0n&h1ps between man andw..»TIRn. man and his surroundings. ol the per,ona1 to the general. ,1 seetng ti\ percepUon 8 40 only WJS FIL 11:2 THURSDAYFEBRUARY10 ELVIRA MADIGAN Dir Bo Wtdetberg, 1967 (90 min.I Pia Oeggermark. Thommy Berg9ren Swechsh w1lh subhlles •• A him ol such warr:1 romantic gtow. suc:h inl~nse and compassionate lee ting for the agonl8!. ol young people meshed m hopeless love 1'18111capture<J the hoarts of .-,1.;ept1ts color Wd.'!18bl0lutefygorg&OUS e1oquer11 u,eof country noises ano of silence based on a tru& and celebrated ep1$0deol a ntMwaycouple ananstocra11ccavatryofficera,1da tightrope per1ormer There ~as nc.,l a tatse note rn 1h11 picture 11 made 1nst•p..1rahto devotion between two people an ab$D"b1ng en· ity immun lrom aoclat 11e, and custom.--awasome And t,e ci,erished n our day and age • -Bosley Crowthef, RMUns. t joub!edlylhemos1romant1cMmoltheent1rep-i'.ISt-w rera ,. even nadea t>est se !er 01 Mozart· K 467 )lanoconoorto 7 ,JO & 84' FRIDAY FEBRUARY 11 BED AND BOARD Dir Fren:;o1,T•'Llttaut 197U ,Q.:),rnn.1Je n errel.csud • j , _J,j{! J Q~ T II( i rench W ,h ubmles An! "8 IJo f\et 11'\IJ f(:,1:h n Ttw 400 Blow• hss grown uμ marrteddndl,..-135wnn 1--.~ wile ,n a, •Jld 11part~,t !10ute where Qll&rtf!l r-· so cram fhat everyones ptMIIO 11lla1rs arepubhc T1w, ,;,arf'wy n,e q )Ors rude the rnystenous beehel(,1r everyorit> calll the !liltanl)lef an1 !hi> husbar'ld ano w fe whose marital squa!:lb10$ provi-tu h1lanous ttrime lime enter:n1nmun1 h.1r Ille erit11eb;1Ud1ng ~ Mr. Hulot happt'1"S ti)' one al?ernoon Rl the tra11 station flQ'ht ng hlswnbrtt, allll !hC"-"ltY 7 00&.900 SATURDAYFEBRUARY12 POLTERGEIST Dir. Tot>e(Chah"tMW MaUllCNI) Hooper, 1962. (115mm )35mm CIOfll'T\UCO~, Oo&by SlllftO Sound. JobeJh Wllhams, Beatnce Stra1gh1. the Dear Departed The average, suburban lam11y, wtth the shghUy m0<e lhafl a\f&f'Sge 24 inch color T.V 1s m for a ;:1t.1rp1ise wtten a group of nasty spintsared1sturbed anddacldeto wtaak havoc. and m.Jke their worst nightmares reach out aod squeeze the everyday hfe out of them. Special eHectsbylheteam that brought you Siar Wan and R8'dlors. Produced and co-wnuun by Steven Spielberg. ·11 your lod atarts talkmg to test patterns. 10$$ theT V outlhewindow-andgoseethtsh!m fhare IS talot)' In numbflrs --Richard Quinn. SublJ!"ban Supplement 600.8-00& 10.10 SUNDAY FEBRUARY 13 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST Dir Anlhony Alsquetn 1952 195 mm } M1cheet Redgrave. Joan Greenwood. Ed1th E118ns, Margaret Rutherford An lmpeccable version of Oscar W,lde"s tirnetess comedy of mannera. A London man-11bouHown ,nvents a scapegoat brother as an e:s..CIJ68 tor this sudden exl'.lt,d1t1om 10 the country His i.mpeuous pro,pec-11 ... e mu1t1er•m•law, Lady Bracknell. l"liS meddl1nglricndAlgy.11nd his own Oub1ous ongm, {found 1n a handbag at 1/ictona StahOf'IJ tembly complicate his hie ihe trulh s ra11;1!y pure .!Ind never StmplQ "7 00 & 1Q.00 LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN 01r Ernst l uM,ch 1925 , 70 m,n) S1ient Ronald Colman, May McAv<,y, Irene Ric:r,. Bert Lyte+l. An Inspired pairing of tw, ma1;ters o1 Sl)' soph1sttca100 wit. OscarWll(leand Ernst LUD11Sc;, Potential and purportodadullery threater'IS tht mamagcol L<Hj an1 .ady Wmderm&<e Attracted by !he eyn cal licont,oua Lord □:1rl ,g1on LAdyW1n:1trmere efuseAtog1ve it 1emplat1on JMtl ,formed )f her hu b tt $ TU :>red j h '8 ~tth !he y: n tained W(,: Mr y WhO ,1ctJJe;lly r~ 1her i -;i esumeddead1840ontv MONDAY FEBRUARY 14 MIDDLE EASTERN FILM SERIES TIUe to be announced. 7:00 Gnf)', FREE, WEDNESDAYFEBRUARY16 LOVE AND DEATH D1r Woody Allen. 197~. t85 min J Diane Keaton, Yves Bllrsaco. and the Wood Man. Bons Grushenko, a small. Skinny, cowardly peasant w1lh red h.arr and oiassea iS inducted into the AuUlan Army during the Nap()le0n1c Wars. onl)' to become a human cannonball and deserter So as not to &ee(T'I pathetic to his wile he jotns her plo110 kill Nap()leon and end, up in pnaon. where an angel of God lies abOut his future Dllncit with Death and Allen as he 1akes pol shots at all the Russian novelsaboul which you were alra1d to ask 7:00 & 9·00 FRIDAY FEBRUARY 18 WUTHERING HEIGHTS Dir Wilham Wyler. 1939 (1CM min.) Laurence Oh..-18'. Merle Oberon. Oa..-td Niven Wulh«tng H_.ght• scales the peak ol romance and drama. The setting IS the lorabod1ng, heather-coveted and Wind-raked Yorkshire moors in tho early 19th Ct!nlury. An impetuous young woman !tills in lo...e w,tn a brOOdtng young man. halldSOme but poor. For ,oc111/ reasona, she f'lbecis him for a p,oper coumry squue whoolfersa marriage ot comfort Bul ny as 9119 might ahe cannot e$Cllpe her pa.s11onate love lot Healhchfl, a IO'o't! lhtll reacheS bt!yond earth IV e;,,;1S1ence From the no..•.~1 by Emily Bronte 700 & 9.00 SATURDAYFEBRUARY19 ALL ABOUT EVE Jr toseoh Mnnlt..1tow1CZ %0 • 138 m n Bette Oavts Anne Raxl~r 'l ge Sander• Tl"IOlm3 Rrt!nr 'rhe legEinaary Beuo ..Javts nht!rgreato,troit MMargoChan ng apowerlul aging hMttica• actress 111 lheapex , • 'le1 tareier who is almost OOne H1 )ya cafcutattng treacherOus ,iewcomer !Anne Baxter) With lrs wirty 11nea ,md brlJhan, per1orn}3ffl es by a !ax, o1 ctw-a te• <! All Aboot Eve iron ca y remama pertutpl the grandest 1,. ne na1, e,;,,;pte5Slon :, gh lheflter --Pul !I tfU\efaffll brisel of ~~ yti "VV8Ul"herealt,rt,el ndemeath --Yartfty,TOO& )3() MONDAY F E8RUARY 28 JAPANESE FILM SERIES Ttti. to be announoed 1:00 only. FREE

FRIDAYMARCH4 LAST TANGO IN PARIS Dir Bernardo Bertolucc,. 1972 (129 min.) Marlon Brando. Mana Schnerder, J&an•Pierre Leaud Brando stars as an Amencan expatriate who shuts himself into an apartment with a young Panslan of the Mod generation and anempts to tear his old life apan and forge another set ol values !or a new existence. "This must be the most powerfully erotic movie ever made, and 11 may tum out to be the most trberaUng movie ever made. Berlolucc1 and Brando have altered the face of an art lorm "-Pauhne Keel, T~ New Yorlter. '"A fllm that has made the strongest impression on me m almost twenty mmutes of reviewing -Wrecks Reed RatedX 7·00&915 SATURDAY MARCH 5 APOCALYPSE NOW Dir Francis Ford Coppola 1979 (153 min.). 35 mm Cinema• acope, Dolby Slereo. Marlon Brando, Martm Sheen, Robert Duvall. Dennis Hopper. Francis Ford Coppo4a·s Interpretat1on of the United States expenance m Vietnam Is fused wllh Joseph Conrad·s The Heart of Oarknnt m this tdeal-shattenng film Martin Sheen Is Captain Willard, who must locate and destroy Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando), a US Special Services Ott1cer who has deserted his military post and set up h,s own pnvate army m the remote Southeast Asian Jungle Robert Duvall gives a memorable performance as an army commander who -ioves the smell of napalm m the morning, • and helicopters mtobattle tot he musrc of Wagner To the background of 6(J's rock Copple prOV1desonev1ewof the tragedy or lheViemam war 630 &9.15 SUNDAY MARCH 6 HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR Dir Alain Resna1s. 1959 (BB mm.) French with subt1lles Et11 Okada. EmmanueUe Arva. A French actress. white In Tokyo 10 make 3n anti-war f1fm, has an affair w1thaJapanesearch1tect who as a young man survived the atom1c-bombmg of Hiroshima The two re-examme their war-time expenences. as Resna1s e>tten-s1vely uses flashbacks In1ercut with lhe presen1 to recall 1heir often e>tcruc1atlng memories A classic of the French New Wave 700&1015 FANTASTIC PLANET 01r Rene Laloux, 1973 (72 min.) With the voice talents ot Barry Bostwrck. Cynthia Adler This widely acclaimed lllm combines top-notch animation, philosophical theones end surrealism about a world where two races of man have evolved· one. the giant blue Draags. super-mlell1gent beings: the other, tmy pnm11Ive Oms who are being threatened by ex1ermIna11on 'Fascinating depth and 1magIna11on, humor and pathos, ul'lder-lrne !hrs line adventure story of the Oraags-master, and their human-like pets -Judith Christ 8 40 only MONDAY MARCH 7 JAPANESE FILM SERIES Title to be announced. 7 .00 onty. FREE TUESDAY-SUNDAY MARCH 8-13 THE 21ST ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL AT THE MICHIGAN THEATRE lndependen! 1i1mmaker, wortd-w1de take part in oneot theolde,t 16mm rest1vals inexrstence There w1tl be3sho...,seachmghta11 9. and 11 (Ex:ceptonSATURDAY when 1heshow11me,w1llbe 1 7. and9 The 1 pm show1slree l Everysnow1sd1tler1:1nt no!1lm1s screened twice B>t.Cept those on wmners mght, SUNDAY the 131h. Sanes 11ckets w1I1 be avaI lable. Consul! the festival schedule on Tuesday the 8th for prices and further shows and events throughout the week MONDAY MARCH 14 MIDDLE EASTERN FILM SERIES Title lo bf 1tnnounced. 7-()() only, FREE WEDNESDAY MARCH 16 INTERIORS Dir Woody Allen. 1978 (91 mrn) E G Marshall.Geraldine Page Maureen Stapleton, Diane Keaton Woody Allen pays hOmage 10 tngma, Bergman and the result 1s tears and laughler Three unhappy daughters. all w,th careers. are brought 1ogether when therr latf\er 1s rem.arrred lo a vulgarran. and theu mother subsequently trtes to kill herself Features !he instamty ac-Cllllmed classic sequence w,lh adhesive tape 7·00 & 9:00 THURSDAY MARCH 17 THE GREAT DICTATOR Dir Charita Chaplin. 1940. {128 min.) Charhe Chaplin. Jack Oak1e. Brlly Gitbert, Pauleue Goddard. The Grut Dlcta!Ofwasa milestone In Chap11n·s career: 11 washIs f1rs1a1t-d1aloguelilmand rt marked the final appearance of his lamed tramp charecter Chaplin plays a dual role as a meek Jewish barber and as Adenoid Hynk!e (Der Fooey) Hes devastaltng cancature of der Fuhrer created and stiU crea1es a sensation with audiences. 7:00 only THE RAVEN (LE CORBEAU) Der Henn-Georges Clouzot. 1943. (92 mm) French with sub· !!ties Pierre Fresnay (Grand Illusion). "A remarkable study of human nature ma French Provrncial town whose1nhab1tants are thrown into fear and helpless fury by a sanes of dIabol!cally clever. anonymous poison pen letters Filmed In France during the German Occupation. the Nazis promptly conl1sca1ed the !1lm and used 11 to depIc1 the decadence of the French. The letters begm by concentrating lhe1r accusations and innuendoes upon a young doctor In the local hospital As time goes on. the p0tson spreads out into ever-widening circles. besmirching nearly everyone of prominence m the community What begins as a one-man mall scourge soon swells Into a UOOd of v1tuperahon bringmg m rts wake a mult1phci1y or tragedies linked to this terrible sequence is the baffling mystery ol 1he leners· author-almost everyone !n town is suspect~ CUE. 9 20 only FRIDAY MARCH 18 TO CATCH A THIEF Dir Allred H11chcock. 1955 {106 min) Cary Grant. Grace Kelly. Jessie Royce Landis When a senes of daring nIghtt1me bur-glarres occurs on the A1v1era, reformed Jewel thief Grant taus under police susp1c,on. to prevent his own arrest. he must catch !he thief known as the ·car' w1lhout their aid. Although he succeeds where the police have !ailed. he cannot avoid bemg caught by man-hungry ml!lion-heiress Grace Kelly, who 1s drawn to h,m by her certainty of his guilt 7:00 & 9·00 SATURDAY MARCH 19 THE TIN DRUM Dir Volker Schlondortt 1979 (142 min) German with subtitles Dav d Bennenl. Mano Adort. Angela Wtnkler Aneene lilmabout Oscar a boy with a glass shallerrng scream who dec1desatage three to slop growing Sel ,n the penod of nsmg Nazism In Germany the boy a doc1s1on Is an 1ndIctmen1 al the casual 1mmora1ttyol adults Oscar, llawlesslyactedbyDav1d Bennent.1s mseparable lrom h15 IOy hn drum which he beal5 lo powerful ana,chtc ef1act changmg an army of menaemg Nati goose-steppers to Joyous waluers Th1s supero him won the Academy Award l11r Best Fore,gn Film 11, 1980 ., 00 &9 40 SUNDAY MARCH 20 INTRUDER IN THE DUST Dir Clarence Brown. 1949 (87 mm) Claude Jarman.Jr Oav1d Brian. Juana Hernandez. Porter Hall. W,11 Geer Trus superb adaptation of W1ll1am Faulkner's novel about a black man suspected of murdering a white man in a Southern town focuses on the danng e11orts of a young boy, his lrrend. and an old woman 10 save him from a lynch mob Director Brown t.akas a hard look into the collecl1ve unconscious ol the Amencan South in one ol the most innovative and important films to emerge from Holly-wOOd during the !ate forties 7 00 only ELMER GANTRY Orr. Richard Brook" 1960 (146 mm) Burt Lancaster Jean Simmons. Shirley Jones. ~an Jagger S1ncla1rlew1s crusadmg novel e,;posmg the phony revtvahsts ol the 1920·s ha~ been made mto an equally incisive and powerful motion picture drama Lancaster plays Elmer Gantry. a fast talktng insurance salesman who se1s oul to make a quick fortune peddhng hrs own particular brand ol religion See you In hell. bro1her • 8 40 only MONDAY MARCH 21 JAPANESE FILM SERIES TIUe to be announced. 7 00 only FREE WEDNESDAY MARCH 23 MANHATTAN D,r Woody Alien. 1979 (96 mm) Clnemetcope. Woody Allen, Diane Keeton. Mariel Hemmgway. Meryl Streep Woody Is once again In search ol the perlecl relatIonsh1p. lhIs time In Manhattan. a black and white city set loa George Gershwin score. His quest brings him face to face with an ex-wile who has left him for another woman. a neurotic JO!etlectual who leaves behind her a trail ol excessively long words. and a 17-yea, old high school studen1 too old lo !alt for Woody's narc1ssIs!1C style al love-making. H>O & 9 00 FRIDAY MARCH 25 EMPIRE OF PASSION D1r. Nag!sa Oshima. 1978. (106 min) Japanese with subt1Ues Osh1ma·s first trim al1er the controversial In the Realm ol the Sentff. An adul1erous pass1ona1e love affair in 19th century Japan 1s racked by guilt. ghosls and recnmma11ons. after the lovers kill lhe woman's husband. Gripping s1ory and actmg. superb photography and Osh1ma·s lyrically masterful crafts-manship make this one of the grealesl Japanese releases ol recent years. Rated X. 7.00 & 9.00 SATURDAY MARCH 26 JONAH WHO WILL BE 25 IN THE YEAR 2000 Dir Alain Tanner, 1976 (110 min.) French with subtitles Jean-Luc Bideau. Mlou~MIou A funny, upI1fung film which tells the storyol etght veterans ol lhe political upheavals of 1968. stranded between revolu11on and accommodation. whose paths cross bnefly m a search lor a common purpose They include a d1slllusroned echtor who has turned to roulette. a secretary who likes her sex tantnc. a supermarket cashier who performs revoluttonary acts with her cash register. and a highly unor-thodox professor who sees a history as a sausage. A marvelous toy m movies nobody has attempted anything quite like this wh1rting play ol ideas .p Keel. 7.00 & 9.05 SUNDAY MARCH 27 DON QUIXOTE DE LA MANCHA Dir Ralaul Gil 1948 ( 14J m11, Span1,h with Sllb!1tles Rafael R1velles Juan Calvo Fernando Rey A handsome authenhc produc1Ion that never loses slghl ot the humor tine! pathos 1ha1 are at 1he hean ol Cervantes' classic novel The tImeiesss1oryol the mad romantic kn1gh1 the last defender ol chivalry tired by IdeaIIsm and meeting rng!onous ends m his s1range adventures One could not ask a better production 7 00 & 9 40 MONDAY MARCH 28 MIDDLE EASTERN FILM SERIES TIiie to be announced. 7 00 only. FREE WEDNESDAY MARCH 30 8½ ~~~~., ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ FRIDAY APRIL 1 BRANDO/KAZAN NIGHT VIVA ZAPATA! Dir Ella Kazan. 1952 (113 mm) Marlon Brando. Jean Peters. Anthony Quinn, Margo Said to be Brando's favorite among all his Mms. Viva Zapata! offered him marvelousopportun1t1esas the ardent. sensitive, illiterate Mexican peasant revolutionary who helped lead a nahon-w1de rebellion against the corrupt auto-crauc Spanish-lather-type Diaz. who found himself drsgruntled by the p11falls ol power. and who was sought out tor destruction by forces ol a revolution turned to sour despotism Ti1iseloquen1 hnely developed film, with script by John Steinbeck. makes a telling contrast with later rat1onalIzatJons al manipulated ·peo-ple's power Academy Awards. 7"()() only ON THE WATERFRONT D1r Ella Kazan. 1954 (106 min.) Marlon Brando. Eva MarreSamt. Karl Malden. Lee J Cobb. Rod Steiger Forceful drama about labor union corruption on the docks of New Jersey Bra,noo· shattering performance ,s among the finest record .l/lfl f Music by Leonard Bernstetn Winner ol many Oscars 10 only SATURDAY APRIL2 ALL THAT JAZZ Dir Bob Fosse. 1980 {120 mm) 35 mm. Dolby Stereo. Roy Scheider. Sandahl Bergman. Ben Vereen The director of Cabaret and Lenny unleashes his greatest display of razzle-dazzle an autobiographical tale h1ghhghted by Fosse·s auda-cious, gyrating choreography. The life of Fosse'salter ego, Joe Gideon. revolves around a never-endmg cycle ol work. sex booze. drugs and his daily f1u of Alka Seltzer Winner of live Academy Awards "It's Showt1me. folks 7·00 & 9 15 SUNDAY APRIL3 COCTEAU NIGHT LES PARENTS TERRIBLE$ Dir Jtsan Co, lhlU. 1949 (86 mrn Fr,1nch with subtitles Jean (Bea~11Mara1~ osette1BeaulylDay YvonnedeBray Amother who is p;i~sIonately in love w11h her son altemp1s to break up h1 romance with a young gcrl (who was also her husband's m1slress) Adap1ed tram Coctl;!au·s own play andconhned 101wo interior sets. beau11tullycap1ures the incestuous. claustrophobic ati and extrtlmeemotIons of the character 00 only LES ENFANTS TERRIBLE$ Drr Jean-Pierre Melville 1950 r 106 mm) French with sublllles Adeptahon and dialogue by Jean Cocteau based on his novel Born In10 ell:\reme wealth s1b1tngs Paul and Ell2abeth are immune to the confines and hmIts of lhc:i real world Alone toqether In their dank disordered room the 1wo--espec1aJJy Elizabeth the dom1nan1 one-deal with 1he vat1ous threats 10 their enclosed 1nces1uous kingdom Les Enlants Terrlbles b,ough! to hfe on the screen the profound spellbrnd1ng fasc1na tion of the novel Francois Truttaul 8 40 only MONDAY APRIL4 JAPANESE FILM SERIES Tltle to be announced 7 00 only FREE THURSDAY APRIL 7 THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES FRIDAY APRIL 8 STAGE FRIGHT 01r. Allred Hitchcock. 1950 (110 min) Jane Wyman. Alastair Sim. Marlene Dietrich Michael W11dmg, Richard Todd H1tcn-cock returned to Britain to ma~e lhIs thriHer aboul an aspmng young actress who shields a man wanted by the police for murdet. attempts to frap the murderess by becoming her maid {affecting a cockney accent), !alls for the mspeclor heading the case. and nearly lallsv1ct1m herself S1msgwesa brilhantlylunny performance as the plucky girls eccentnc lather. W1ld1ng rs suave and charming as the genteel inspector Smith ··very amusing in pans. but the horror mounts steadily The chma>t gave me goose bumps -CD Luckwell. Plymouth Mail 7·00 only STRANGERS ON A TRAIN Dir Alfred H11chcock. 1951 (101 mm.) Robert Walker, Farley and!er wro1e !he scnpl for thts "~arre, n idly rich Guy a 1enn emurders1 hei chance but, soon IS stranghJd uno ,s one of Mn-905onty SATlJRDAY APRIL 9 HAIR FRIDAY AF'Rlt fS' THE MALTESE FALCON Orr John Huston 19-11 ( 101 min J llyoucan tnametheent1recast at th1sf1lm you haven tseen Itonought,me• Whenlhelesserhat! ot Spadp and Archer ln,..est1gat1ons Is st'lo! l)0Int blank ,n thE chest Sam Spade 1s thrown m w11h a group of desperate 1ndIv1duals one of wt"Jom probably lulled r11s partner and a!I al whom would do anything to ge1 their hands on the fabulous Jewelled Fa!conof the Kn1gh1s Templet of Malta I wont play the sap for you 7 00 only SATURDAY APRIL 16 PYGMALION On Anthony Asquith & Leslie Howard 1938 (85 min ) Leslie Howard, Wendy Hiller Wilfred Lawson Pygmalion, one of the few works ol Shaw h1med. Is that rarity. a realty successful translation of play rnto !,Im. for which Shaw added a number of scenes Howard's dynamic mterpreta1Ion ol Higgins. the 1an-1ongued amiably stuffy professor ol phonetics and confirmed old bachelor was wen-matched with Wendy Hiller's perfor-mance (her !1lm debut) as thebew!lder&dcockneydrab. Ehza. the Covent garden flower seller whom Higgins. on a wager. 1s determrned he r,an phonetically and otherwise transtorm and present to the qufl8n as an aristocrat m six months time 7 00 & 900 SUNDAY APRIL 17 TWENTY-THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA 0, Richard (Fantastic Voyage) Fleischer. 1954 (127 mm) J, n s Mason. Peter Lorre, Kirk Douglas BasedonJulesVerne·s o\el Among the Imes! adventure films ever made, and easily the 1 on-animated Disney produchon Mason gives a super '8f1ve JubUy-shaded performance as the Ahab ol submersibles. the tenous renegade Nemo captain and desrgner of the rrne Nautilus, after which the l1rsl Ameflcan atomic vessel named Action explodes every second-from the attack on the cralt by a g1gilnl1C squid. and Nemo·s vengelul deslruc11on ol a nitrate sh1p--to the !mat atom,c bias, Marverousspec,al effects for which lhe film 1s Justly famous 6 30 & 9 00 FRIDAY APRIL 22 TOPPER Dir NormanZ (HOf'SeFeather1)McLeod 1937 (96min )R0Jc1nd Young, Billie Burke Cary Grant. Constance Benne\! One of the be.· ! loved comedies of the 30 s Topper 1s all aboul 1heemrnent1y respeclab!e small-lown banker Cosmo Topper whose sta,d a>t.isience I& turned upside-down by an ,nebriate pair ol ghOst. only he can see and hear. much 1essexplam As Topper. Young g1VeS .J new dimension to the term m1lque1oast Gran! and Bennet! are It~ 1r1;;1!,1bre bon vIvan1s whose attachment to poo1 o!a Top per s a marnege 01 conwmience by bnngmQ some fun In10 h1 hie I hey will do the good d~ ""Cl nef'Cled to , iease them 11 ,,m their Earthly hmbO 00 only IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT Dir Frani,. Cap, 1934 1105 rmn) Clark Gable Claudette ~o!b->rt Th, Wm that swept the Academy A wards and propelled Copra to !ht: tup or rhe heap in HoHywOOO Gable as the cynical news hound Colbert 35 !he poor hltle nch 91r1 w,th a S!iJry The tinly lhIng lhal separates them is the wan of Jericho Vintage screwball comedy w11ti the now class,1. bare-chested G;ibl appearance-8 50 only SATURDAY APRIL23 ~'~~!;,~ R~I,!.~,'2~nT c!em':!~~h~1en~ ~ emo11011at drama directed by the late Ncchola~ Ray w1tn a cast "/' ~ ncludIng tt1e IateJames Dean !he late Natalie Wood the JateSal~,., /. / M,nE!o 11nd the sooner 01 1cue1 10 be lale Jim Backus, plays ou1 '/'./. with all the falallty of a Greek tragedy Ray htl the art1s11c and ~ angst Perhaps the best lrlm ever made 1n C1nemascope Don t be popular h1gh•l)Otnt ol his career w,th th,s ma:;terpIece ol teenagi ~ DOUBLE INDEMNITY laletonh,sone 700&910 Dir Billy Wilder 1944 (107 mm l Barbara Stanwyck Fred ~ MacMurray Edward G Robinson A bored insurance salesman ~ and a greedy lusr-msprnng woman conmve 10 bump ott her ~ Dir Federico Felltn1 1963 (138 mtn J Jtalran with subtitles Dir w1111am Wyler 1946 (170 min) Frederic March Myrna Loy husband and collect the premiums 11 wilt work 11 they don t kill ~ Marcello Mas1ro1ann1 Anouk Aimee One ol the most 111lluen1IaI Dana Andrews Hoagy Carmichael Harold Russell One ol the each other or gel caught by the claims Inveshgator with a little C M ~ films ol the las120 years and the cornerstone ol much of loday s most powerful and controversial films made in Hollywood A man m h1s stomach that tells him when something amt on the I NE A GUI L D ~ personal referen11al cmema No film Is rnorecornple1ely 1den11-magrcat blend 01 tears laughter and tense drama that tells the level Thedef1nitJVefl/mno,rofthe 1940s Moralltyequalsmoney ~ lied with adIrectorand no other him hasbec:omeassynonymous poIgnan1 storyol three returnmgveteransofWWII Equalsmwar equals sex equals love equals dealh the whole movie could be with autobiographtcal fllmmak1ng A successful diroctor com• but unequals In c1v11ian social status they come home to find summed up In that oneequa11on w1ththeadd1tronofth1smono-mI1ted to an amb1t1ous new production 1s bereft of fresh Ideas their country changed along with the people 1hey rett behmd Everything ls seedy Wilder and Raymond Chandler wrote the .., /. Exhausted hounded by both his wile and .his mistress he Non-actor Harold Russell is extraordinary as the amputee who superb screenplay, which the Hays Ott1ce frowned upon as a ~ escapes into his personal fantasies The result rs the recognIt1on hnds love bu! has trouble accepttng rt and himself winner ol 8 btuepnnt !or perfect murder H Sased on !he James M Cam novel ~ ~~:=-~m=m=-~n~--~~,