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Summer Is Here And So Are The Fireworks

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 9:26am by oldnews

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Independence Day, the Fourth of July, or July 4th, however you wish to refer to the nation’s official founding day, it is the one and only big summer holiday. It rings in the country’s separation from the British Empire (a sort of Brexit of our own), and, for some, the start of summer. With BBQ’s, picnics, fairs, parades, and fireworks, fireworks, fireworks being sold and shot off all around town, now is a great time to look back on our own history of Fourths’ gone by. There's no better place to see some great pictures as well as articles from the historic Ann Arbor News than the library’s very own Oldnews site. If you remember a guy who dressed up as a clown nurse or another who brought a skunk to the parade, you can see them on Oldnews.

Wonder what fireworks were available back in 1961? See them on display here. Remember the Buhr Park fireworks? Relive a moment in time from one of those events in 1963 or read the article about it. And of course there are plenty of parades. You can see the Ypsilanti High School's Girls Drum & Bugle Corps or the Boy Scouts, Troop 88 float in different Ypsilanti parades. But by far the favorite is the Greenbriar Subdivision kid’s parade. But if enjoying the beach is more your speed, Groome's Beach circa 1963 may give you ideas for celebrating the Fourth in a more relaxed manner.

Any way you celebrate, enjoy a safe and happy holiday!


Why do Michiganders have so many 4th of July fireworks that are not actually on the 4th?! Or is this just a SE Michigan trend?

it's definitely a trend, but it's legal at many more times than just the fourth of July to let off fireworks, for instance I believe any national holiday permits the use of fireworks. In Michigan, you can fire your fireworks on the day before and the day after.

It's not allowed after midnight through 8 a.m. except on New Year's when the deadline is 1 a.m, but I hear them constantly. for about a week leading up to it these days.

Everyone remember to take good care of your pets this long weekend, and be very watchful if you have them outdoors. Pets get startled and stressed out by the fireworks, and more pets get lost on the 4th of July than any other day in the U.S.

Also, be respectful of people with PTSD or who are otherwise affected by loud noises, especially unexpected ones. If you're going to set of some fireworks at home, let your neighbors know ahead of time.

We used to go to fireworks every year. We were so close the ash fell on us. It was great!

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