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Mon, 07/17/2017 - 9:33am by eli

Here at Summer Game HQ, we work for YOU. Like, literally. Through the transformative magic of REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY and the arcane power of ORG CHARTS, there is direct line of authority that flows through library staff up to Josie, the Library Director. (we hope you've visited her office for her 2,500 point badge!) But who does Josie report to? Well, Josie reports to the AADL Board of Trustees, and unlike many libraries, here at AADL the board is ELECTED AT LARGE by the citizens of the district! That means WE work for THE BOARD but THE BOARD works for YOU! Therefore, through the transitive property of local governance (that's a thing, right? hello?) WE work for YOU!

AND WHAT BETTER WAY to UTILIZE that authority than by coming to TONIGHT'S MEETING OF THE AADL BOARD OF TRUSTEES! Tonight's meeting will be the first AADL Board meeting to be recorded on video and streamed LIVE, and you can watch it right here! Jamie, the Board President, will hold up the code for the meeting right at the beginning of the meeting at 7 PM, and if you miss it, later this week the recording will be posted and you can find it then! That's a 250-point code, plus, it will get you the 250-point bonus for the BODY ELECTORATE badge, and you don't even have to SHOW UP to get it!

BUT! There are TWO more codes worth some SERIOUS points that you can ONLY GET by showing to tonight's AADL Board Meeting IN PERSON! (Or, if you have some sort of telepresent robot, we suppose that would work too.) The meeting will take place in the Multipurpose Room in the basement of the Downtown Library at 7 PM on July 17, 2017, and if you're there in the room, you can not only get a special 500-point code that's only available to those who show up in person or via robot, AND you'll have a chance to get a 1000-point bonus FOR MAKING A PUBLIC COMMENT TO THE LIBRARY BOARD!

That's right; there are two opportunities to comment; one at the beginning of the meeting and one at the end. You can sign up in advance by calling the admin office at 734-327-8311; or you can sign up in person right before the meeting starts at 7 PM. If you miss the beginning of the meeting, there's another chance at the end! Commenters have 3 minutes to talk about anything they'd like to tell the Board about the Library, and on the podium, you'll find that 1000-point code!

For you SUMMER GAME L33TS, if you come or watch, you'll not only get an enticing SNEAK PREVIEW of the ALL-NEW AADL.ORG coming in January 2018, you might even hear a little bit about THOSE BIG SUMMER GAME 2018 CHANGES we keep dropping hints about!

There's another AADL board meeting scheduled for August 21st, but it is not uncommon for the board to cancel the August meeting. AUGUST IN ANN ARBOR AMIRITE? So, TONIGHT might be YOUR ONLY OPPORTUNITY to not only get some amazing POINTS and BADGES, but also to tell the BOARD -- and the STAFF -- what we can do better for YOU!

Let us know if you have any questions, and we hope to see you all there tonight for POINTS, CODES, and CIVIC ENGAGEMENT GALORE!



Wish I was able to come to this. I can't wait to see the plans for the website refresh when the video gets posted.

The new website looks great and easy to use. Looking forward to next year when we see it in action!

I couldn't make the board meeting, but now I get to have the "library board" in my kitchen. Love it! The Summer Game Store items are great this year!

The link in this post will take you to the video of the meeting, right here: []. Currently it's the archive of the youtube stream so there's some blank video at the front, but we will be posting the final version soon without the extra time at the beginning and with transcript / captions. Stay tuned!

How often does the library board meet and when?

Please add me as a friend -- my code is: SWEET646

I second that, gardenfaerie!!!

Everyone, please feel free to add me as a friend -- my friend code is: SWEET646

You can watch the July meeting on demand and get the code that way. I think there's a link to it on the badge page.

Just our luck about the cancellation of August's board meeting... I wanted those points, too!!

friend code: SWEET646

I would have liked to have done some of these civil engagement badges, but I live the life of a parent with you kids. Hope these continuein future summers!

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