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Bombast or BUST

Have you ever watched a nature documentary a pufferfish, toad, or other small animals will PUFF UP to look GIANT in order to protect themselves from predators? Well the people of the Elizabethan era did THE EXACT SAME THING! ...Except not to protect themselves from predators, but to make themselves look SUPER COOL, FASHIONABLE, and POOFY! Figure out what the name of this fashion practice is and THAT IS YOUR CODE! No catalog search necessary!

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I am near about the third or fourth code, and when I went back to this page after looking in the catalog, it's saying that I haven't even started. And when I went to type in the first code again, it said I had already redeemed it. (Also I have tried refreshing the page and it doesn't work.) Does anyone have any tips on how to catch the page up to speed? Thank you!

I am having a similar problem. I put in the first code and it said I redeemed it, but when I go to the badge it says I haven't. I can't get the next code for the badge because of this. I don't know what to do! All of the badges are having this problem, too. I can't get past the first code for any of them!

I'm having the same problem I am 3 or 4 questions in and I go back to the badge to read the clues and all the clues are gone all I can see is these comments!


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