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Points-O-Matic F.A.Q.

Tue, 08/14/2018 - 4:28pm by brainjosh

Review Reviewer

What is Review Reviewer mode and how do I play?

In Review Reviewer mode, you are given a random review that someone else has written about an item in the library catalog. It's up to you to help us figure out whether the review is truly Amazing, or if we should Keep It, or Trash It. Read the review, then give it the rating you feel it deserves by clicking on one of the three options. If you can't decide, you can click Skip, or if you think the review should be passed along to AADL staff, you can click Flag for Staff Review. Read on to learn more about the different types of reviews before you begin!

What makes a review Amazing?

As a general rule, Amazing reviews don't come up very often. These reviews are exceptionally helpful. Amazing reviews give you details about the title, or show carefully considered opinions that couldn't be applied to another title. They pique your interest... or make it abundantly clear that the book (or movie or album) isn't your cup of tea! Amazing reviews are almost always more than a sentence, tell you something you didn't know, and are unique to the reviewer and the review. Remember that Amazingness exists everywhere!  A short, sweet, and honest review that was written by a younger reviewer about a children's book can be just as Amazing as any other review. Does a review show that the reviewer put time and effort into adding value to the AADL catalog? Does it provide information that wouldn't otherwise have been found on that title's page? Does it just make you feel enlightened or entertained? Then it's probably an Amazing review. Use your best judgement, and have fun!

What reviews should be Kept?

We want to keep the reviews that aren't obviously great, but could still be helpful to someone checking out an item in the catalog, and represent an opinion that is relevant to that title. Most reviews are totally OK and should be kept! If there is anything thoughtful about the review but you're not positive it's Amazing, then it's safe to say Keep This!

What reviews should be Trashed?

A Trashable review is all nonsense or filler. Less than 4 words, a sentence fragment, or anything that wouldn't be helpful to anyone or could be said about anything else. If a review seems like it was written as spam or to get some quick and easy summer game points, then it's probably Trash. These are reviews that aren't helpful to other readers and shouldn't show up in the catalog at all!

What happens to an Amazing review?

If enough players mark a review as Amazing, then it will be determined to be an officially Amazing review! The reviewer will get a 500 point Summer Game bonus for writing an Amazing review, and eventually, the Amazing reviews will be highlighted on the item page and other places!

What happens to a Trashed review?

If enough players mark a review as Trash, it will be removed from the catalog page, and the reviewer who submitted it will lose the 100 points they got for writing it!

So, Aspire to Write Amazing Reviews, and Amazingness will find you!


Thanks for including the links to the AADL catalog records.
I've reviewed a few reviews, and requested one of the books. An unintended benefit ... or maybe you did intend for us to discover new items through the reviews....

What should we do with reviews that are fine, except that they contain spelling/grammatical errors? Is that something to flag staff for, or is that unnecessary?

I came across a review that was plagarized from goodreads' website. Should I mark it as 'Flag for review' or 'Trash it'? I assume keeping it is not an option (even though it's an ok review, it gets cut off in the middle that's how I knew it wasn't original)

It might be a good idea for staff to do a quick plagiarism check on any "amazing" reviews before the person gets the extra points.

I've flagged some great reviews as "amazing", but I wouldn't have any clue whether they were from another site. Some of them seem suspiciously well-written.

Are reviews that are not created during the Summer Game still reviewed even though they do not result in the person who created them earning points?

By "reviewed", I mean reviewed in Points-O-Matic. Also, will there be any other types of Points-O-Matic, such as the Textulating Recognizorator? I liked it more than the Review Reviewer (then called Helpful Reviews) because you could earn two points at a time, and it's not just clicking on a button.

I have an idea. When a review is officially declared to be amazing, the people who said that it is amazing should also get points (maybe 100 would be a good amount).

Just click on any item in our catalog, and you'll find at the bottom of the page a form to submit your review of that item. Thanks for asking!

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