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Miniatures Painting Workshop


Friday June 28, 2019: 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room, Downtown Library: Secret Lab

For Whom

Grade 6–Adult


Learn how to paint miniature figures for games and hobbies. Bring your own miniature or choose one of ours!  We'll provide brushes, paints, miniatures, and step-by-step instruction.  

This workshop is focused on techniques suitable for beginners, but we'll have some tips on more advanced methods of layering, too.

Instruction for this popular program begins at 6:30pm and your figure will take the entire workshop to complete.

Miniatures Painting Workshop



Thanks for the question! All of our figures are made from molded plastic and will be primed and ready for paint. At the June event we'll have elves, witches and blights, victorian men and women, and a number of animals including frogs, badgers, owls and foxes.

Hello - do I need to register for the workshop, or can we just showup? Thanks.