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Meditation and Mindfulness for Adults


Wednesday June 26, 2019: 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Pittsfield Branch: Program Room


From stress, anxiety, life and the news of the world there's a lot that piles on. Meditation is fantastic for coping with all of these things plus improving concentration, experiencing self-awareness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are new to meditation or already practice, join us!

Local massage therapist and meditation leader Amy Tarrant will lead you through a series of guided meditations to encourage calmness, reduce stress, and generally help you live your best life.

Learn breathing exercises and short, simple techniques for calmness and reduced stress. Building meditation into your life has a myriad of benefits to your brain, well being, and your ability to cope with bumps in the road. Amy will also recommend phone apps that can be used on the go. Attendees are welcome to bring a pillow or blanket with them for added comfort.meditating