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The 2019 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN!

Fri, 07/12/2019 - 6:49pm by eli

OH MY WOW! The Summer Game Shop is back and just LOADED with AMAZING new items! Just get a load of some of these things!

Green Tote BagToy TruckWater BottlePremium Baseball T

A few things to know about the Summer Game Shop!

  • You need 2019 Points to buy 2019 Items! You can spend any points on Classic Items.
  • You can only buy 4 2019 items per player during Summer Game 2019!
  • The Coffee and Fish Pin Set are not yet available; sorry for the delay!
  • Shirts take 4-6 weeks to arrive! If you order a shirt, it's recommended to order it separately.
  • All Summer Game Shop Orders are Final! Sorry, no returns except for defective items.

Once you place your order, you'll get a notification when your order is ready for pickup! Don't come looking for it before then, for only DISAPPOINTMENT awaits!

ALSO! Don't miss your last chance to get the rare and valuable ABOVE BOARD BADGE plus a special BOARD MEETING PIN at the AADL Board Meeting Monday Night, July 15th, at 7 PM in the Multipurpose Room!

Thanks for your patience! Have fun and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


That's to make sure that everyone can get whichever items they want! Most of these items will be in the Summer Game Classic Shop next summer without limits. Thanks for playing!

The game was smaller then. Also there were no guarantees that an item would be restocked. 4 new, free branded items per player is pretty reasonable. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time coming to terms with this change we made in 2018!

How do we differentiate old points from this year's points? I tried to order a classic item with 2018 points, but, there was no way to indicate that on the order.

These are all the 2019 items! And we're trying to manage the number of items in the shop, so there's just 3 classic shop drops over the summer, including this one. A few other surprises here and there though.

You're having a day, huh? No, the vendor had the custom molds we had made. We were not able to find another local vendor to develop molds for logo chocolate for this summer. We'll explore again for next summer, but the vendor we had been using offered a unique price point that may be hard to match. Sorry!

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