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Tudoring Session

There's no such thing as tu many badges, right? So, with tu times the scandal, tu times the drama, and tu times the fun, let's get tu it and learn about the Tudor monarchy! The Tudor monarchs ruled England and its realms from 1485 until 1603, leaving behind some of the most memorable dramas of British history. Let's start at the beginning: find the first Tudor monarch, a king, and find a book about him in the catalog!

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On the second clue, I found the war but I’ve already looked through the first two pages and I haven’t found anything. Any hints? Thanks!!

It sounds like you might not have the right name for the wars (you'll need to search the whole phrase - four words long). When you are using the right search terms, the item with the code is within the first couple results.

I'm having the same problem. I'm searching for the war that lasted from 1455 to 1487, four words. Looked at the first 25 results - no code. Is it possible the record was taken down? (that has happened on rare occasion in previous years) I also tried appending "the" at the front; and just the flower.

The record is definitely still there! Maybe try adding an "s" to the end of the first word in the name (if you searched for it without the s it might have come up with a different set of results).

Thank you so much! I just searched up her name and that is why I couldn't find it. Thanks so much!!!


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