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Be Right Bactria

All that glitters is not gold...EXCEPT WHEN IT IS. That must be the moral of the story of Tillya Tepe (or Tillia Tepe). Why? Because when archaeologist Viktor Sarianidi started excavating the remains of a site in Afghanistan known as Tillya Tepe in 1978, it started to glitter and it was definitely GOLD! Not just any old gold. Oh no. We are talking THOUSANDS of intricate old gold artifacts. Over 20,000!!!!!!!! Figure out where Viktor Sarianidi was born and search for the name of the town in the catalog to find your first code.

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I have found the meaning of tawadars and searched the catalog for that 2 word phrase but could not find the code. Any hints.

Having trouble with the third code. I've put in different ways of putting the person's name in, but it just keeps saying code is not recognized. Please help.

I worked through the badge and submitted all my answers, but now it wants the first answer. When I try to put that in again, it says I already submitted it. But it isn't giving me credit for the badge. Could you look at my work, please?


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