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Mock The Vote

Cast your vote for Mayor of the Downtown Fish Tank and other Fishy Elected Offices and Proposals at AADL's Mock Election, held in conjunction with the University of Michigan! Adults can also help improve voting by participating in a Voting Machine Usability Study! 

Come to the Downtown Library Lobby from 10 AM - 8 PM on Monday July 22, or 10 AM - 8 PM at Westgate on Tuesday July 23, to participate in this very special event! All Ages can Vote using real voting machines! 

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Awww, polling is only available from 10am-5pm? I wish they'd have extended hours so that people who work during the day could make it too. Boo!! :-/

This reminds me of "real" voting occurring on Tuesdays, which tends to repress a part of the vote. Other countries have weekend voting to allow more people to vote. Maybe this is a planned and built-in part of what the library is trying to teach us.

Eli, could you please update the badge description to let people know the time has been extended to 8pm on both days, per Matt Bernard (UM coordinator)? Thx!

Do the codes for the downtown library and the library at Westgate both for this badge or just the downtown library’s one?


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