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Start off by putting your thinking cap on! Head over the Community Rec and Ed page all about the First Steps program.

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I put a hyphen in my answer for the first clue since it said "punctuation". That is not the official answer, but it still worked. Thank you so much for thinking of this variation!

which clue are you stuck on, Maureen? I bet if you clarify, other players can give you a helpful hint!

I couldn't find it on my phone either, I had to use a computer. If you don't have access to a computer you can try this...go to that link, and type "nutty" into the pink search bar. It will auto fill some possibilities for you. That second word, on the first suggestion, is your code. Hope that helps! Also hope this hint is okay with library staff! :)

If you are on a phone, the picture for the third clue doesn’t show up. What worked for me is requesting the desktop site.

I got stuck on the "nutty" clue too, playing on my phone. Thanks for the tip to ask my phone to show the desktop version of that page. That worked!

I tried the second one, but it won't work. Is it for words from the last sentence of the first paragraph?


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