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Badge Drop #6: Star Awards!

Fri, 07/17/2020 - 12:00pm by nicole

Yes, we know, it's not-quite-nighttime, but let's talk about STARS anyway! Not the kind you'd find in a constellation. This week we're focusing our telescope on a series of badges to celebrate the most OPINIONATED kind of star -- the RATING STAR!

By now we're sure you've rated a thing or two in the catalog, so stargaze upon these FIVE STAR-STUDDED FIVE-STAR STAR MASTER BADGES!!

These bonus badges will give you bonus POINTS for ratings, so find some books, music, or movies in your orbit and RATE AWAY!

And, of course, enjoy a METEOR SHOWER of badges about all sorts of out-of-this-world things, like DANCING PLAGUES and SHONDA RHIMES!


Badge Drop #6

Super Star MasterMega Star MasterGiga Star MasterUltra Star MasterSupreme Star MasterKudzu NotCoinciDANCE? Scenes From ShondalandDahlhouse AestheticThe Polecat's MeowSeize the SixtiesDuck, Duck OUTLife's Too ShortbreadStrange Small TownsIf They Don't WinKeeping Up With Jones SchoolCreekshedsThe Huron RiverCity-Managed TreesThe Saturday Badge


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