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A Big Boom

No, no. Not THE Big Boom. It's a...spontaneous explosion? What's WEIRDER than that???

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On the third clue, I looked up [EDITED BY STAFF] and when I click on the item that is [EDITED BY STAFF] from the search, it shows it does not exist. Can you check to make sure clicking on the book that it works.

You have the search term correct! I've double checked and the code should be in the first item from the search result (searching the name you found, I've edited your comment to avoid spoilers for other players)! Try again and let us know if you have problems still! Thanks for playing! :)

Make sure you're searching for something that isn't an asteroid or meteor! One of these was visible in the night sky (in the Northern Hemisphere) not too long ago named NEOWISE!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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