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Lake-ly Story

Everyone ready for a FIELD TRIP? Great! Turn in your permission slips to the teacher and don't forget your packed lunch! And your hiking boots! And your SENSE OF ADVENTURE! We're headed out to Crater Lake, the jewel of Oregon's Crater Lake National Park!

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Sorry, that's not on our end. You might be using an internet connection or youtube account that has some limits set. You can try logging out of Youtube or another connection if you have one available.

Sara - I was confused because the ranger's full name isn't spoken aloud. But it is shown on the screen. Also, the person at the start of the video isn't the person who's name is the code; the ranger is introduced at about 35 seconds into the video.

Very interesting! Nice concise video that is so beautiful. I learned something new, and would love to visit someday. Thanks for sharing it, so we think about National Parks, and know now about FindYourPark.

I have been wanting to visit Crater Lake for years, and finally had the blessing of doing so in October 2019. It was amazing! The deep blue of the water is unbelievable. This is a great video! Glad to know they are doing these.

This was such a cool video, it was awesome to drag the video around to see the whole view. Thanks for sharing!


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