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Biblio Files: Episode 15 on AADL.TV!


Thursday January 7, 2021: 6:00pm to 6:10pm




What's one of your favorite self-help books?

Each week, three AADL staff members will answer one question – from "What's your favorite classic?" to "What book didn't live up to the hype?" – in just five minutes.

Join the conversation in the comments section. What book would you have picked for this week's Biblio Files?

This video premieres on AADL.TV.


The Way of the Bull; I've read other works by Leo Buscaglia and have enjoyed him thoroughly........

Thanks for commenting. I remember this book some 25 years after reading it. It's a great combination of travel stories and humane and simple interactions with people all while reflecting on life. Well worth a read if you find a copy.

As another Extroverted-Introvert, I also enjoy dipping into the book 'Quiet' - for inspurration and thoughts on how to talk to introverted creatives about how they can still market from their style of being.

Would love to take a look at the other two, especially 'The Five Things We Cannot Change' but they are not in the AADL collection! Will have to add them to my MeL list for whenever that is a thing crossed with me remembering it's back to being a thing.

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the next episode! Am enjoying finding out about all the kyool things that AADL is doing.

Super-grateful to everybody that is making this Winter Game possible this year. Missed out on the Bummer Game last year and was super-bummed about it. Ecstatic to find the bookmarks that said it was on this year! Great idea about those, btw. Was wondering if there might be a similar, but because it once again wasn't announced in the announcements line on the 'My Account' page, I kept forgetting to check. But having those bookmarks right there in between the sets of doors at Mallet's Creek made it extremely easy to see - yay! PLUS extra points - YAY!!!

Quiet is also a book I'd like to read, as it seems to make some pretty good points about introverts.

We are so glad you're enjoying the show! And extra glad you found and are enjoying the Winter Game!

AADL does have a weekly email that goes out to patrons if they sign up for it, that mentions new services or noteworthy events, and books, etc. I don't know if you'd be interested in that.