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In Nodes & Codes, we explore unlikely intersections between the hexadecimal values of Emoji unicode characters, and the decimal node numbers of historic documents from the AADL collection!

What, you’re still here? WELL GREAT!

To find the three CODES that earn this badge, you’ll have to find the three NODES in the AADL Community Collections that the gamecodes are hidden in.  What’s a node? Well, a node is what we call a page or document on our website. Badges are nodes, events are nodes, web pages are nodes, old photos are node, blog posts are nodes, newspaper articles are nodes, etc. etc. Every node has an ID number, it’s literally just the order in which documents were created on You can often see the node number in the URL in the address bar at the top of the screen. For instance, you can see a very old node on our website, in fact, the 7th web page we ever made on this website back in 2005 here:

So, to find each Node that holds each Code you’ll have to use the clue and the hint cannily. The clue can get you close, but you’ll need the hint to find an Emoji that will help you find exactly the right node. BUT HOW?

Read on if you want to know exactly how to solve these puzzles! If you’re a survivor of the Unique Ode badge some years ago, you’ll get the idea.

Well, say we told you there was a code hidden in a node about DUCKS. You dutifully search the community collections for DUCKS but there are 3,345 documents to look through! But then you see a hint that says, maybe they’re very tiny ducks? You might need an emoji tool to help you see tiny things.


So, Emoji have numbers too. Each emoji is a character in Unicode, a 143,859-character system capable of encoding all written languages as well as Emoji. Each Emoji has a unicode value that's a hexadecimal number, and they look like this: U+1F60E, better known as 😎. Note: When working with unicode numbers, ignore the U+ at the beginning of the code and focus on the hexadecimal value of that emoji.  If you use a hexadecimal to decimal converter like this one, you can turn emoji unicode values into normal-looking base-10 numbers. So, if you realize that the hint might refer to 🔬... you might find that emoji in the unicode list, convert that emoji's hexadecimal value (ignoring the U+) to a decimal number, then add that number to the end of and see what you get!

CONFUSED YET? Find your way through one and it will get much easier. These are convoluted, but not really hard. If you’re stuck post below and we’ll try to help! Good on you for trying such a weird and tricky badge, and enjoy!

Remember: use the clues to search AADL Community Collections! And convert the number of the emoji from the hints from hexadecimal to decimal to find the codes in the nodes!


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In case it is helpful to anybody, I found I could highlight an emoji on this page, then copy it, and then do a search on the emoji page and paste the emoji into the search box to locate it in the page. Otherwise it was like searching for a needle in a haystack! Especially since I thought the first emoji was a bookend (it is not!), so I was looking for it in utterly the wrong area.

I looked at this badge for weeks and didn't even know where to start. Your tip was very helpful. You start with the emoji and then follow the directions, step by step. I kept wondering how to add the hint results to the clue. But you don't add the hint results to the clue. The clue might be related, but ignore it. Just work with the hint, and you go right to the solution.

Loved (and suffered through) the Unique Ode badge. Thanks for making a "new" one which seemed way easier to me.

I shied away from this hard puzzle, but after many days passed, I finally decided that I was determined to figure this out. I read the directions very carefully, a bunch of times, took a deep breath and dove in, and I did it! Those were fun puzzles to figure out. Thanks for the brain exercise! Yay!!


★★★★ 4 of out 4 difficulty

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