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Night at the Library: Traverwood

Ever wonder what happens at the Library at Night? Or these days, what happens beyond the vestibule walls? Well, this badge series will take you behind the scenes of all 5 AADL libraries at night to find hidden codes. Maybe some even deeper mysteries will present themselves as the Winter wears on....

To solve this badge, find the game codes hidden in each image. You'll need to look very closely at these images to find the codes, but don't forget to check the hints if you're stuck. Click on the images for a larger version!



Traverwood Ash Gallery at night. You can just make out the words "BOREREDYET"

Traverwood Stairway at Night. You can just make out the words "KEEPSTAIRING"

Traverwood iPads at Night: you can just make out the words "ZOOMBINIIN"

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This game takes a lot of confidence and a lot of concentration.
You gotta have really good eye site too.
i say to myself "i can't find it, i can't find it," and then i find it!
its very fun to play this game!

When we were looking at the first and last photo we found two URLs in the pictures as well. They didn't work as codes but what are they and do they mean something?


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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