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This brassy marvel, developed in the 1800s, first looked kind of serpentine! It is known to be well-sounding and sweet-voiced. A key player in wind ensembles, it figures prominently in bands in England, and is also very popular in Japan BUT is almost completely absent from any orchestral works! Interlochen, Michigan actually hosts an annual international festival named after Leonard Falcone who served as Director of Bands at Michigan State and popularized this little-known instrument.

(Badge Image: from the Anime Hibike! Euphonium)

Want to listen to an entire album of solos performed by Professor Falcone? Check one out on Youtube Here!

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I think I found the item for the 2nd clue, but when I click on it I get the message "item not found." Any help?

If you're looking at the right CD, you'll see the code right on the left side of the CD's page on desktop, or about in the middle of the page on a mobile device. It's in a box with a dashed red line around it; if you're looking at the right item you can't really miss it!

i don't know what to search for the last clue, i searched up what it said in the hint and clicked on most of the stuff but i couldn't find the code anywhere


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