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Cinecatic Hisstory

Let us paws for a moment and reflect on how important cat videos are to our lives. From the aristocatic felines in Disney features to cool cats blowing up the internet, cat videos are purrfect in every way. So let's get serious and nerd out about cats in cinema!

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What are we supposed to do once we know the title? I tried entering it (without spaces) and that wasn't the code. I did a catalog search using the title, and have looked at the first 10 hits, but don't see a code. Confused!

As I said, I entered the title, without spaces, but it doesn't work. Turns out, the code doesn't have "The" at the beginning - even though that's the title at "The Short Film Archives" facebook page and IMDB.

Ooooh, well that does explain it! We pulled the title from the slide in the actual Nerd Nite video, where they don't use the "the". Sorry for THE confusion (also sorry for our terrible attempt at a pun right there)! We'll add a note to the hint. Thanks!


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