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High-Key Loki

We hear it's TRICKY to rock a rhyme that's right on time, but some have been TRICKING since the beginning of TIME?? This summer, we're going to rock with some well-known TRICKSTERS!!!

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I'm having trouble with the second clue - I found the word in the quote, but when entering it have gone through the whole first page without luck. Also, it doesn't start with "M"...

I think I've found the final code, and I am spelling it with an "o," but it is not working. Any suggestions? Thanks!

OPE! You responded while I was typing this out! Glad to know you got it!!

For anyone else with the same problem: Try searching for the name of the apocalyptic event in the catalog! It starts with "R" and is eight letters long. The code will be in an adult graphic novel that shares the same name. And thanks for playing! :)


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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