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Secret Codes #1

Let's ease back into our role as codebreakers and start off with a popular show of the last few years. Stranger Things tells three parallel stories: kids and their friendship, teens and their struggles, and parents trying to keep it together. And everyone is facing the same evil, but in their own way. The show reflects a nostalgia for the 80s with many references to the culture and homages to hit movies of the era.

Once you solve this code, you can check out the Stranger Things episodes on disc, read more stories about the characters, or listen to the soundtrack -- all from the Ann Arbor District Library!

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I have watched the video, tried the company name, just the animal etc in both the catalog and just as the code and cannot seem to figure it out.

Sorry you are having trouble with this one. The game code is 4 letters long and is the name of an animal. If you watch the video, you can see the name of the animal on the delivery person's uniform (which is the game code) at 29 seconds. This is not a catalog search. Hope that helps!


As a person who had never even heard of this show, I would need to watch the episode. I can't find it online free. I ended up guessing 4 letter animal names till I found it. But obviously lots of folx just rewatched the episode. Please tell me how; now I'm curious.

The link in the clue doesn’t work (anymore). “ This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.” Is there another link that would work?


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