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The Gayest Generation: Episode 1

Quarantine can be a bummer. Stories can turn a bummer into a Winter Game Badge! Enter The Gayest Generation: the AADL podcast where we hear LGBTQ Elders speak for themselves. Every episode, we sit down with a different member of the Michigan LGBTQ community who laid the foundation for the freedoms we have today. So take a listen! You are sure to giggle, perhaps you'll shed a tear, but you will, undoubtedly, learn something new about the people who inhabit the world around you.

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I couldn't find episode 1 in the AADL, but I found this note with the info on episode 6:
"AADL is excited to announce that you can listen to this episode, or any episode of The Gayest Generation, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube!"
Then it was easy to find.


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