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It's Time Travel Tuesday! Time Travel Tuesdays are all about, you guessed it, TIME TRAVELING (VIRTUALLY!)--through AADL podcasts! Each week, come back to find a new feature of an OLD podcast that talks about Ann Arbor's past! From the lighthearted to the serious--from stories to interviews with some of Ann Arbor's historical figures, we'll listen to a bit of everything!

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Great badge! I didn't know about that 'What Is the Summer Game' video, or how to find Media, and it was amazing! The video is so clever, and I loved EVERYTHING about the video, including seeing the inside of the Summer Game Design Headquarters, the Varnum family (Hi Nieka!) and Souleyman, and all the wonderful AADL staff who participated, it was great to see you all! Thank you for the Winter 2021 Game!

That video was so much fun!!! Coolness!!! Plus I know a surprising number of the people in it, and that was fun too!

I spotted five codes in the video. Two were expired, two I had already redeemed, but one worked, so there's that!


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